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Leak suggests ‘Open-Sandbox’ mode in Battlefield 2042

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Revealed just before E3, Battlefield 2042 has already given us a hint about two of its three modes – the massive 128-player All-Out where the war scenario will get the most attention, with an alternate danger zone describing a smaller case. , based on a squad. But The Third Mode of 2042 was kept a secret, described only as a “love letter” to fans of the series.

The as-yet-unannounced third mode of Battlefield 2042 may be a century-long sandbox of warfare called Battlefield Hub, according to a recent video of Battlefield’s ‘leaker’ Tom Henderson (via VG247 ). With Henderson’s previous ‘leak’ named Battlefield 2042, the ‘leaker’ suggested that this third mode is very much a nostalgic ‘sndbox’.

Battlefield Hub, described as the “ultimate sandbox experience,” will feature map remasters of the series’ history, with weapons and vehicles from across the franchise (and history) appearing in the same warzone.

In this video, we’ve covered some Battlefield 2042 ‘leaks’, including the Battlefield Hub or ‘BattleHub’ rumor, as well as a bit more information about the Hazard Zone, which is apparently going to be Battlefield 2042’s Free to Play mode.

“[A minha fonte] says it won’t necessarily be a competitive or balanced experience. Instead, it’s going to be the ultimate sandbox experience where players can have fun. ” The gameplay is supposedly a direct copy of 2042’s, with game experts replacing any previous class systems.

The video also dives a little deeper into the Risk Zone, which Henderson claims is free to play with battle passes and seasons, comparing its gameplay to adjacent Battle Royale games like Escape from Tarkov.

Henderson emphasizes that these ‘leaks’ come with a ‘huge pile of salt’. While his earlier ‘leaks’ may have been quite accurate, he notes that many of his sources have not been able to back up his evidence, and that these earlier reports have arrived with more substantial evidence. We’ll find out if these ‘leaks’ are true when EA details the mode in EA Play next month. Battlefield 2042 is coming to Origin, Steam and the Epic Games Store on October 22nd.

Source: PCGamer

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