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Know the best specifications of the video before posting it to YouTube

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There are many options and settings that affect the specifications of the video you are working on, and this means the options to export the video after the completion of the montage and before publishing it on YouTube.

But these choices vary greatly depending on the platform on which you will publish the video, and whether you will publish it online or use it without publishing it at all.

These differences are due to personal preferences and sometimes the director’s vision. When it comes to publishing on YouTube, there are some characteristics that YouTube prefers and help to deliver the video better.

YouTube relies on artificial intelligence algorithms to make the best video reach more users, and among the criteria that these algorithms look at are the specifications and accuracy of the video.

Therefore, here are the best specifications for the video before publishing it on YouTube.

Some important terms when it comes to video export:

The process of exporting the video is to convert it into a single file after adding effects and various editing operations. You will need to know some important terms in order to get the most out of this article.

The most important of these terms are:

  • Video codec: The processing method that the application uses to produce and reduce your video size, and it also affects the final format of your video.
  • Video format: It is the extension that the final video file obtains, such as Mp4 or MKV, and it affects the way the video is played and defines the sharing platforms for it.
  • Video resolution: It is the aspect ratio of the video. There are different resolutions such as 4K or HD. The higher the resolution, the larger the final file size.
  • Frame rate: It is the number of frames displayed per second in the video, and it may be 60 frames or 30 frames, and it directly affects the ease of movement of characters in the video.
  • Bitrate: It is the size that is consumed by playing the video over the Internet, and it is important in spreading the video on YouTube.

What are the best settings for exporting a video before publishing it to YouTube?

YouTube advises users to use the following specifications before posting a video on it:

  • Use Codec named H.264
  • Rely on the MP4 format for the final file
  • The maximum resolution supported by YouTube is 4K. But if you publish a video with a resolution higher than 4K, the resolution will be lowered to 4K.
  • YouTube prefers to use Bitrate of 10 megabytes per second to display 1080P resolution without problems.

You can access more of these specifications via Support page on YouTube, but we have mentioned the most important specifications you need.

How did the video convert to these specifications?

The method of converting the video varies depending on the application you use in the montage. In general, the application requires selection of specifications before production of the final file.

The YouTube

You may find some apps with presets for your favorites on YouTube and other video sharing platforms like Vimeo and Daily Motion as an example.

You can rely on other specifications according to your technical vision of the video, but it depends on the experience, as YouTube may not prefer these specifications.

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