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Kasparov launches KasparovChess chess platform

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Chess legend Garry Kasparov fired it platform KasparovChess, which took years to develop with funding from private investors and media conglomerate Vivendi.

Four years ago, MasterClass, a platform that sells lessons for celebrities, invited Kasparov to teach a class, and he quickly realized he had to downplay the concepts and stick to a certain structure.

KasparovChess is a platform where chess players are free to share tips and tricks with players of all levels.

The platform includes documentaries, podcasts, articles and interviews between experts and well-known players in the chess community.

More than 1,000 videos have been recorded so far, Kasparov said, and other than the content, the platform has an exclusive Discord server attached to it and play areas.

In many ways the platform is an enlarged version of the chess lessons he gave via MasterClass years ago, with a major focus on community and diversity.

And KasparovChess has a monthly or annual subscription of $ 13.99 or $ 119.99, respectively.

The majority of lessons learned from experts and retrospective analysis are for the games you’ve played behind a paid subscription system.

The paid subscription system also gives users access to a database of 50,000 manually created puzzles, which allows players to train specific skills.

A popular competitor is, which is a chess server, forum, and network site that launched in 2005 with a subscription ranging between $ 5 a month or $ 29 a year.

Kasparov says: What distinguishes the platform is the focus on society, as its long-term goal is to connect global chess communities to each other, discover players with skills, and give others access to his expertise.

He believes that distance education during the pandemic has demonstrated the need for more interactive solutions, and said: Time to move from what we study to how it applies to students.

Kasparov became the youngest world chess champion in 1985, retired in 2005, and launched a foundation to help children gain access to chess worldwide.

Most recently, Kasparov helped advise on The Queen’s Gambit, a drama about a chess prodigy that has become the most watched limited-script series on Netflix..

The series also received a positive response from the chess community, and the data indicate that it has increased public interest in the game, So the sales of chessboards rose.

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