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It’s the end: Microsoft announces date to discontinue Internet Explorer

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It has been a long journey of more than two decades of Internet Explorer. Finally, Microsoft has announced the date on which it will close Internet Explorer when the technology giant will remove the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application from most versions of Windows 10.

However, the change will not affect the Windows 10 Long-Term Servicing Channel, which is used for devices that remain the same over time, such as MRI machines and air traffic control systems. The scene exit from Internet Explorer will also not affect Internet Explorer 11 server desktop applications or the MSHTML (Trident) engine. Overall, Internet Explorer will be thrown out in just under 13 months, in June 2022.

Internet Explorer has been part of the Windows framework for more than a quarter of a century. But since the introduction of Edge in 2015, Microsoft has been slowly slowing down the old browser. In 2016, support for previous versions had ended. Microsoft 365 and other applications will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 on August 17th.

Its the end Microsoft announces date to discontinue Internet

Microsoft is calling on users who are joining Internet Explorer 11 to migrate to Edge (or another browser, if they prefer) in order to anticipate the end of support in June. Edge has an Internet Explorer mode integrated for sites that still need Internet Explorer. Many organizations still use old apps and websites that don’t really work with modern browsers, so this mode will be useful.

Microsoft also says it will support Edge’s Internet Explorer mode at least until the end of 2029, giving organizations and IT departments several more years to transition from these old web applications.

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