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It was Facebook, then LinkedIn and now there is another Big data leak

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This week that is just ending was a big one for the dissemination of large amounts of user data. If it had been Facebook before and a few days ago it was LinkedIn’s turn, now another social network has seen the data of its users being disclosed.

However, this leak is much bigger than the previous two together, since, supposedly, 1.3 million ClubHouse users have seen their data released on the internet and, although sensitive data such as passwords have not been released, the data include include social media profile names, user ID, photo URL, Twitter identifier, number of followers, date of account creation, invitation by name of user profile and other details.

The information is released on the website CyberNews and the alert is the same as in previous leaks, as cybercriminals can use the data to target affected users through phishing or other types of social engineering attacks. They can also perform raw password forcing Clubhouse profiles, the report added.

It was Facebook then LinkedIn and now there is another

“Particularly determined attackers can combine information found in the SQL database with other data breaches to create detailed profiles of their potential victims. With that information in hand, they can carry out much more convincing phishing and social engineering attacks or even commit identity theft against people whose information has been exposed in the hacker forum, ”according to the report.

Clubhouse users are advised to avoid suspicious messages in the Clubhouse and connection requests from strangers. They can also reset your Clubhouse account password and ensure that it is not the same as other accounts. Enabling two-factor authentication is also one of the ways to keep cybercriminals at bay.

So far, the Clubhouse has not responded to the data leak, and we do not know how this data ended up on the internet.

The latest cyber breach comes after the personal data of more than 500 million LinkedIn users has been extracted and offered for sale on hacker forums. LinkedIn confirmed that the leaked data was not a violation, but “in fact, an aggregation of data from various websites and companies. Includes publicly viewable member profile data that appears to have been taken from LinkedIn. “

Facebook recently faced a similar data collection incident that affected more than 500 million users. The social media company added that the data was collected before September 2019 and that it had already corrected the problem, and will be able to find out if his personal data was disclosed in these two leaks.

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