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Is it safe to use a computer without antivirus?

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There are those who choose to want to ignore the risks inherent in using computers without an antivirus. Some of these people were lucky enough to never come across any attack or virus likely to damage their files, operating system or in some cases, the hardware itself.

The common user chooses to use Windows or Mac devices, however, Linux consumers are well aware of the need for antivirus to protect against malicious software. Windows works on an MS-DOS base which leads to several imperfections – due to constant changes – a target for computer attacks and catastrophic failures of the operating system. Windows Defender already does some homework when it comes to defense, but it doesn’t defend against most problems.

Antivirus is a tool that aims to prevention (when this is not part of the operating system itself), malware detection and removal. Modern antivirus software defends against internet scams, ransomware, backdoors, rootkits, trojans – aka trojan – adware and spyware. Read on to find out more about one of these antivirus programs. Nowadays, the vast majority of antivirus programs fulfill the purpose of defending your computer. However, there are some programs that excel in certain degrees of protection.

Is it safe to use a computer without antivirus

The daily life of internet users has become the scene of countless dangers – increasingly complex – and which attract various strata of society, including companies, the elderly and very young populations (with the democratization of internet access). For the elderly, lack of knowledge leads to scams, spyware or adware from installations suggested in pop-up or fraudulent advertisements. The presence at home for reasons of confinement intensified this problem.

In the case of younger generations, and probably due to the habit of never having gone through the problems of older generations who faced adversity resulting from the weaknesses of these software. That said, they tend to rely on Windows Defender – given the knowledge they think they have, being able to defend themselves from small problems – but when things go wrong they rely on this Microsoft tool to defer, which can be too late for your computer’s security.

Associated with virus problems, factors such as the constant updating (up to date) in information technology (as with mobile phones), the lack of knowledge of optimization tools for computer resources mean that when they accumulate a lot of virtual garbage: obsolete files, temporary files, cache and cookies, it is easier to get the argument that you need a new one instead of dedicating some time to maintain these equipments. It turns out to be a vicious circle that they tend to approach.

Most of these antivirus software offer viable alternatives for all those who are unaware of the computer’s optimization methods (freeing this “junk”) or, for example, a safe for those keywords that are more complex and difficult to remember. In order to ensure the integrity of your data, we often offer ways to encrypt. In addition, there are also tools to update some drivers, software or even the operating system. After defending against the virus and cleaning the PC, the third most important tool will be the advice of which sites are credible as this is where users will be able to understand if they can trust while surfing the internet.

All of this may sound like small talk, but the truth is that for any good programmer (those who break into software), hackers, the challenge of stealing some information or stressing a security system is always something quite enticing, imagine when this barrier is non-existent, there is no longer a human need because pre-programmed systems invade your computer in order to share sensitive or personal information with third parties. E-mails, bank information, personal documents, medical information, access to social networks, among others, are some of these examples.

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Depending on the use given to the computer, the risks inherent in the absence of an antivirus change. For a business consumer, the need for an antivirus is quite evident from the focus on protection against fraudulent files and documents (check out some news). However, for a player (who buys everything he plays), the antivirus security should not be so evident, however, we know that this is not so black and white and that these games are not always purchased from the most trusted sources associated with the fact that they are used for other purposes that leads to their safety being compromised. On the other hand, if the computer’s focus is on housework as a student or occasional use, it can afford to do without this solution, something we don’t recommend as we never know what to expect in the future.

Is it still worth giving up antivirus software with all the threats of today? There are options for every type of user, namely, up to the price level. Most of these programs offer free solutions that provide some basic protection so you can stay safe without having to move to a paid version. Of course, for someone who considers such a tool unnecessary, it’s better to include a free one than nothing (you might be surprised), however, a user of this type of solution can consider a paid version (which isn’t even very expensive) and allows you to keep your equipment up to date and secure.

Worried about what these software can monitor? Maybe you didn’t show so much concern when you gave your data for an online payment? “Yes, but here I can trust because it’s verified.” Yes, it is true that it is checked, but there is a greater probability (due to its size) of being the target of an organized attack and much more lethal than to your computer – mostly unknown by the hacker or malicious program – the antivirus protects it. o with greater effectiveness against malware and other types of direct threats than, probably, that shopping site that, however much security it has, is not impenetrable.

The final consideration is quite positive, and I think that after this illustration, you can reflect on what is the best choice for you, as long as there is an antivirus to continue contributing to a safer environment. Antivirus databases are constantly updated in order to guarantee more security to users.

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