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Is AirDrop not working on your device? Here’s how to fix it

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Allows Feature AirDrop wirelessly transmits almost anything from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer to any other modern Apple device. It uses (Bluetooth 4.x) for energy-saving broadcasting and discovery, and Wi-Fi network peer-to-peer for fast transfer.

Not only is the whole process simple, it’s also incredibly safe when it works.If you’re having trouble getting AirDrop working, there are a few things you can try to make it work.

What devices are compatible with AirDrop?

Old Apple devices are not compatible with AirDrop, and here is a list of all the devices that are compatible with it:

  • Mac 2012 or later (except for the 2012 Mac Pro).
  • IPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices running iOS 7 or later.
  • (MacBook Pro) in late 2008 or later, with the exception of the 17-inch (MacBook Pro) released in late 2008.
  • (MacBook Air) released in late 2010 or later.
  • (MacBook) introduced in late 2008 or later, with the exception of (MacBook) white late 2008 release.
  • (iMac) introduced in early 2009 or later.
  • (Mac mini) introduced in mid-2010 or later.
  • (Mac Pro) introduced in early 2009 (model with AirPort Extreme) or mid 2010.
  • (iMac Pro) All models.

AirDrop settings:

  • Open Settings from your home screen.
  • Click on General.
  • Click on AirDrop.
  • Click on the option you want.
  • If you’re trying to use AirDrop from an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to your Mac, but the Mac isn’t showing up, here’s one more thing to try:
  • Launch (Finder) on the Mac.
  • Click AirDrop in the sidebar.
  • You can also switch between: Everyone, Contacts, and Nobody, right from there.

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