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Iranian government creates “Hamdam” to help find marriage

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A dating application was launched by the Iranian authorities to help the country’s youth find someone.

The “Hamdam” app, meaning “Mate” is a new online service that helps you “search and find husband or wife” for “lasting and informed marriages”.

According to the chief of police responsible for cyberspace security, Colonel Ali-Mohammad Rajabi, this is the only state-approved meeting platform, all others being illegal in the country. The famous American application Tinder, for example, is quite popular in Iran, but at Hamdam parents and other decision-making family members are involved in the very first steps of the process.


In addition, according to the news, Hamdam uses “artificial intelligence” to match “only single people seeking permanent marriage.” The application makes it possible to verify the identity of users, who must undergo a “psychological test” before being able to access data and photographs of other users.

It is after this test that, in case the two profiles are compatible, Hamdam “puts families in contact”, in the presence of consultants whose mission is to monitor young people who intend to marry for four years.

One of the platform’s promoters – whose registration is free – said that “the family is the target of the Devil’s attacks” and Hamdam has arrived to “help to found healthy families”.

Iranian authorities, including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, have warned that young people are getting married later and that there are fewer births. In March, Parliament, where conservatives have held a majority since 2020, even passed a law on “population rejuvenation and family support.”

When applied, this law provides for the creation of incentives that increase interest in marriage and that motivate families to have more than two children, in addition to restricting access to abortion.

Source: Guardian

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