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iPhone 13 will not have a 1TB option and the LiDAR sensor will only be in the Pro

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Apple is expected to announce the new iPhones in less than three months. The iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s has yet to be revealed, but a new report from TrendForce gives some more information on what to expect this fall from Apple’s new smartphones.

Starting with the production of the iPhone 13, the TrendForce projects up to 223 million units due to increased vaccinations and the imminent easing of blockades in the US and Europe, this means an increase in sales that turns out not to be surprising, considering what the world has experienced these past year.

In addition, it is expected that Apple will benefit from the “forced abandonment” of some market share by Huawei in high-end smartphones, as even if it has enough supply, it is known that demand has dropped considerably. In this sense, sales of new iPhones in the last quarter of this year and in the following ones should be boosted thanks to this factor.

iPhone 13 will not have a 1TB option and the

According to the report, “Apple will prioritize optimizing existing functions with the iPhone 12s (or 13) series, while in-store prices are expected to remain at the same level as last year’s launch of the iPhone 12 models.”

As rumors have pointed out, Apple is expected to downsize the notch at the top of the screen and again unveil four new models: the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. however, he calls the next iPhone the iPhone 12s, which we can even say makes more sense given the nomenclature that Apple usually uses.

TrendForce expects these iPhones to cost the same as the previous model, starting at $699. The iPhone 12s series will feature the A15 chip manufactured in 5nm by TSMC, although Apple is already working on a 3nm processor.

All new iPhone 13 models will include AMOLED panels, while Pro models will feature a 120Hz refresh rate. For those expecting a 1TB storage option, TrendForce says Apple should maintain the same memory capacities as the iPhone 12 lineup, so at most it could be 512Gb.

When it comes to photography, Apple is expected to update all of the main cameras on the new iPhone to include optical image stabilization technologies. For Pro models, their cameras will be equipped with 6P lenses (which is an upgrade from the previous generation), but they are also capable of autofocus functions. Another important reference is that LiDAR scanners will only be available on Pro models.

These iPhones are expected to support 5G and account for about 39% of Apple’s total annual production volume in 2021. Although another Mini model will be released this year, Apple will focus on the regular model and both Pro versions.

In addition, Apple is expected to focus on boosting sales of the three non-mini models in the iPhone 13 series, as the iPhone 12 mini (which may no longer be in production) suffered disappointing sales performance compared to other models in the iPhone 12 family.

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