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iPhone 13 might include the Always On Display feature

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Apple’s iPhone 13 may come with an always-on or AOD screen, as rumors claim, that could briefly light up panes to show notifications to the user, without lighting the entire screen.

OLED technology has several advantages over LCD screens, but one of the main advantages remains unused in iPhones, and one of the main benefits of OLED technology is that it does not require any power to display black.

And it is rumored that this year’s iPhone update includes some big changes to its display technology.

However, one of the features could be the Always On feature that was introduced on the Apple Watch Series 6.

According to leak (Max Weinbach) Across EverythingApplePro, iPhone 13 may use Always On Display feature.

This feature means that the lock screen still shows some important elements, but it won’t necessarily light up exactly the same way that current models do.

The clock and battery icons always appear on the screen, even if the screen is locked, and they do so regardless of the lighting condition of the rest of the screen.

Notifications are displayed on the lock screen using bars and icons, and appear naturally across the screen, even though not all of the screen is lit.

Early rumors surrounding the iPhone 13 lineup have revived the idea of ​​a 120Hz refresh rate display using LTPO battery-saving display technology critical to high refresh rates.

It is also possible that the technology provides the functionality of an always-on display by reducing the refresh rate to save energy, as is the case with the Apple Watch.

There have been so far only rumors about the technology being used in the iPhone 13, with relatively few reports on that, and the specifications of the internal generation may become more and more clear as launch time approaches.

The video also showed other elements of potential changes to the device, including the use of a stronger magnetic matrix for MagSafe technology, and an automatically changing astrophotography mode when the camera detects the stars or the moon.

And the video didn’t just stick to the iPhone, as he said that long-awaited AirTags will be launched in March or April.

And it appears that the Apple Watch Series 7 will not include glucose monitoring, with a report in January claiming the feature is on the way, providing an easy way to track blood sugar measurements.

Other previous claims about the iPhone 13 include its use of a set of four cameras with LiDAR, a smaller bump in the front, a design without a Lightning port, and the return of Touch ID.

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