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iPhone 13 has yet to be announced and iPhone 14 is already “Boiling”

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We already know that the technological world can no longer keep secrets, namely these big brands that are starting to share some data with third parties so that there is preparation for the production of equipment. And so, despite being surprising, we are no longer shocked.

So, starting with the next iPhone, which will only be known on September 14 at an official event, the iPhone 13 doesn’t have many secrets anymore, as several information has been released, as well as information that could “really” be a surprise . But today the information being released is about the iPhone 14. Yes, the 2022 iPhone.

We already know that mobile devices are prepared long in advance, even because the iPhone 13 will already be in production, so in terms of creation everything will be done. So it’s quite likely that Apple’s development team is already focused on the next iPhone and so it’s not surprising that new information emerges about this new smartphone. Let’s start with what has already been said.


According to Ning-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst with an excellent hit rate in relation to Apple products, he had already indicated that there should be two iPhones with different sizes, one of 6.1 inches and the other of 6.7 inches, which is pointed out like the size for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max. In addition, the same analyst also indicated that the iPhone 2022 could already have the TouchID under the screen, something that was taken from iPhones, but that we have seen on a large scale in the android smartphones.

Another information, which many also expect, is that the iPhone 14 will see the huge notch disappear, being the first iPhones with a “true” all-screen in the front area of ​​the equipment, with a hole in the screen for the camera. Yes, this design is also familiar to us.


But now there is much more interesting new information, which has to do with design. According to Jon Posser, known youtuber of Front Page Tech, the smartphone will have an iPhone 4 style design. That’s even less rounded and more edges.

Looking at the released images, another aspect that is visible is in the camera. I myself have been critical of the large (necessary) bumps that smartphones put on the market, but this way the new iPhone 14 would no longer have a bump on the cameras, however, and most likely, what will happen is that the iPhone has gotten thicker on the whole.


Another aspect that I’m curious about is the connection cable. Some media have indicated that it will continue to be Apple’s lightning, but, purposely or not, these renders are not specific and let the imagination speak for itself, as it also allows us to think that it might be a USB-C. And maybe not even Apple put this possibility aside, as there have been strong positions in this regard by the European Union, which could force Apple to put the new USB-C port on their iPhones.

While there’s no doubt that the images are very interesting, it’s also true that Jon Posser has a mix of hits regarding early reveals and with so much time left until the iPhone 14’s official announcement (when even the iPhone 13 hasn’t happened) it might no design changes. So, treat this information with enthusiasm, but with some suspicion.

Here are some more images:

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