IPhone 12 camera lens supplier struggles

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One of the camera lens suppliers for the upcoming Apple iPhone 12 series is apparently experiencing quality problems. However, this will not affect the company’s launch schedule, which is already delayed, according to well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Expectations for the new iPhone are high, especially when a strong end of the year is expected to combat the damage caused by COVID-19.

In the required tests, Genius Electronic Optical showed problems with the lens coating.

IPhone 12 image with gamma input camera

Apple for various components that build the iPhone, has several suppliers. As such, before “assembling” the final product, the components are subjected to rigorous tests. During this stage, if the products fail, the company has alternatives, but the supplier may be removed.

Failures in testing a lens that could equip the iPhone 12

The new iPhone has been scrutinized based on hypothetical leaks, mainly from Apple's suppliers in China. According to a latest report by Kuo, Genius Electronic Optical found problems with the lens coating of the wide-angle camera. Small cracks were found in the analyzes of this component that will be used in the entry-level models of the iPhone 12 of 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches.

These problems were found in the high temperature / high humidity (HTHH) tests and will hinder Genius' ability as a supplier for the future 2020 iPhone.

Illustration of an iPhone 12 camera lens

In addition to this information, the analyst's data also stated what:

We estimate that the low-range 7P wide-angle lens, CCM, and the mass production of the final assembly of the iPhone's 5.4 and 6.1-inch aluminum frame will be in mid-August, mid-September and early October. , respectively. We believe that in the uncertain timetable for [Genius] solve the quality problem of the slots in the lens, Apple will give priority to the purchase of the wide-angle 1 / 2.6 ″ 7P wide range lens from Largan, at least in the initial phase of supply, to ensure that the two iPhone 12 with frame aluminum can come out as scheduled.

This new problem will not delay the arrival of the new iPhone

Therefore, in this timeline, it is believed that Genius will not be able to solve the problem in time. Thus, Apple may have to give priority to purchasing the 1 / 2.6 ”7P wide angle lens from Largan. This scenario could happen at least in the initial phase of supply to ensure that the ‌iPhone 12‌ models in question are not delayed in reaching the market.

This change could lead to the purchase of “alternative” (and probably more expensive) lenses, leading Genius to have to reduce its prices by about 30%. Such a move could help the company to remain the main supplier of this lens, instead of losing its supplier position to Largan.

Apple has already confirmed that the launch of the iPhone 12 series will be delayed for a few weeks.

Thus, there will be a staggered launch, first the two 6.1-inch models (non-Pro and Pro). Subsequently, the 5.4-inch non-Pro and 6.7-inch Pro models will appear.

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