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iPad Pro 2021 may arrive with a slight price increase

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The new iPad Pro models are about to be announced at the Apple event that will take place tomorrow, April 20. According to the rumors that are already circulating, some improvements are expected online and some upgrades interesting features including the arrival of the screen with mini-LED technology and support for 5G networks. But this whole set of news can be accompanied by a price hike for what we hope to be the best tablet this year.

Company analyst Daniel Ives Wedbush (information from 9to5Mac website), said in its latest publication that the apple brand is considering making a modest price increase with the arrival of the iPad Pro 2021 series.

The current model of 11 ”, 128GB of storage and Wi-Fi version starts at € 909 and likewise the equivalent version of 12.9” is located at € 1109. The increase for the models to be launched in 2021 is expected to be somewhere between 50 and 100 euros approximately.

iPad Pro 2021 may arrive with a slight price increase

It is also possible that the possible increase now advanced could happen even only in models with support for the 5G network. The current 4G models of the iPad Pro have a difference of about 170 euros in relation to the Wi-Fi version. Following this logic, there may then be a difference of approximately 200 euros between one version and another in the new models.

However, it is never too much to say that all of this is nothing more than speculation and that only when the brand makes the data official will we be able to know what to expect for the iPad Pro 2021. For this you can always follow the live presentation on the official page of the event. from Apple on here.

In addition to support for 5G, rumors point to the arrival of mini-LED panels for the iPad Pro 12.9 ”as well as some improvements in terms of lenses. There is also a good possibility for Apple to equip the Thunderbolt 4 UBS-C port in the most powerful model for greater compatibility with various accessories.

In relation to the processor, we may have the A14X Bionic and with it an increase in performance in such a way that it may come to be a direct competitor of the Apple M1 placed in the last MacBook Pro.

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