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iPad Mini does not support mmWave 5G

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Apple’s iPad Mini was one of the most exciting announcements at the iPhone 13 event on Tuesday, but in the iPad’s aftermath a limitation was identified as noted by Jason Snell of Six Colors. The new iPad Mini does not support mmWave 5G. Apparently its new A15 Bionic processor may be reduced compared to the version that appears in the line of iPhone 13.

Support for 5G in the mobile version of the iPad Mini was one of Apple’s main highlights, but looking at Apple’s technical specs, although 5G support for low and mid-band, it won’t offer mmWave.

Apple started betting on the 5G machine hype with the launch of the iPhone 12 and continues to promote the fastest download and upload speeds the technology already offers in 2021. Check out some of Apple’s highlights for the iPad Mini below:


Getting fast 5G speeds always depends on your coverage, which has improved a lot in the US, but it’s not always faster than LTE. Operators such as Verizon and T-Mobile already have big plans in mind to improve 5G performance later this year 2021. One of those plans includes increasing the availability of the fast mmWave, but where coverage is limited, it may not be worth it yet. all this effort.

The same can be said for the iPad Mini’s processor. The GeekBench benchmarks point to the Mini’s performance reaching 2.9GHz, a little slower than the 3.2GHz provided for the iPhone 13. However, GeekBench doesn’t seem to be the best for understanding the device’s performance. Without an iPad Mini to test, there’s no way to be absolutely sure these numbers will actually be accurate. The iPad Mini offers five graphics cores, one more than the 4-core GPU of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini.

Source: Macromors

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