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iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 should be an excellent update for your products

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Apple will hold its annual developer conference from June 7, the famous WWDC 2021, and it is there that the company is expected to reveal the great news of its mobile operating systems: iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

The changes are always presented in the beginning of the summer so that developers have time to update their applications so that everything works correctly until the launch of the new operating systems, together with the new iPhones, which usually happens during the month of October, as well in time for the holiday season and the season with the best sales results. Now there is the first information about the news of the new mobile operating systems.

With iOS 15, it is rumored that Apple will launch a new feature that will allow you to set different notification preferences depending on your current status and update that status easily on the lock screen or in the control center. Presumably, you can also use Siri to quickly change this status. This status can be “Drive”, “Work”, “Sleep” or a personalized category of your choice, as well as you should be able to customize these types of status.

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 should be an excellent update

For each status, the user can choose how he wants his device to notify him of things (or if he should), choosing for example whether the iPhone will emit a sound (or not), for example. There will also be an option to set automatic replies to messages, depending on your current status. This will be an improvement in the automatic response feature, which only works when you are driving.

There are also some updates that are expected to come to iMessage in the future to make it more like a social network and allow it to be a bigger competitor to WhatsApp, although there is no guarantee that this will happen on iOS 15.

As for the iPadOS 15, it should have support for widgets on the desktop, such as the iOs 14 brought to Apple devices and which will now finally reach tablets. As with iPhones, you can place widgets anywhere on the home screen and you can replace all applications with just widgets, if you prefer.

Finally, iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 should have new privacy protections, including a new menu that will show which applications are getting data about you, a feature that has led to an open war between Facebook and Apple.

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Source: Bloomberg (paid access)

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