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iOS 14.7 features for iPhone phones

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iOS 14.7 تحديث Update Released for iPhones In the coming months, it is the last update before the release of iOS 15 with the launch of new phones.

Therefore, we will not see a big difference with the iOS 14.7 update, but the update comes with a set of improvements to the phone system.

New features in the update:

The update comes as we said with a small set of new features and improvements to the phone, as it allows you to set alarms on the HomePod.

And you can use the alarms via the smart home management app, as you needed to use Siri to set these alarms in the past.

iOS 147 updatenew features for iPhone phones

And the weather app starts showing air quality for a larger group of countries, instead of the limited set it started with.

iOS 147 updatenew features for iPhone phones

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The update brings improvements to the phone’s battery performance, and this comes as a fix for what happened with iOS 14.6 systems, which caused an increase in battery consumption.

The update also solves some individual small problems that users face such as errors with apps or errors in the system in general.

Where Apple is always working to solve these small problems with small updates before moving to the new version of the system.

When is the update released?

According to expectations, the system will be officially released at the end of July, and the system has entered a trial phase that is open to all.

You can install the system from today if you prefer, but the trial version is very unstable and may cause a lot of problems.

So it is better to wait until its official release for all phones.

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When the system is officially released for all phones, you can access it via the Updates menu in Settings.

The system is also released for all phones that support iOS 14, because it is a sub-update of it.

This means that the new update is issued to all iPhone phones, starting from the iPhone 6s to the new iPhone 12.

iOS 14.7 beta issues:

Some problems started appearing in the second version of the open trial version of iOS 14.7.

1624780355 243 iOS 147 updatenew features for iPhone phones

Some users said that the phones stopped recognizing their SIM cards, but most of the reports are related to phones with SIM cards instead of the usual one so it might just be a bug in the system programming and not a bigger problem.

The second version of the update must be deleted in order to return to using the chip normally.

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