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iOS 14.5 may bring a more efficient chip to the iPad

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Apple just released the version beta of your iOS 14.5 for developers and members of the public beta. It was found in the code of iOS version 14.5 a mention to a GPU of a processor called “13G”, a processor that does not equip any current device of the brand.

According to 9to5Mac website, The chip referenced may be the model A14X, this being a variant of the A14 Bionic which is present in the iPhone 12 series and the iPad Air 2020.

Apple is expected to have a launch release soon for two new iPad Pro models that will most likely come equipped with the A14X. To reinforce this fact, we have a report presented by the Bloomberg where it is indicated that tablets brand tops will come with a processor with power equivalent to the M1.

Remember that the chip M1 launched by Apple comes to replace Intel processors in some versions of Macs. Produced by TSMC using the 5nm process, we can count on 16 billion transistors making the M1 a very powerful processor.

iOS 145 may bring a more efficient chip to the

In terms of comparison with the A13 Bionic version used in the iPhone 11, we have 8.5 billion in the chip A13 and 11.8 billion on the iPhone 12. The 9to5Mac website did its own research and found that the A14X is based on the T8103, a piece of code from the chip M1. They also found that the code names for the new iPad Pro are J517, J518, J522 and J523.

Future models of the iPad Pro may be presented very soon, with Ming-Chi Kuo and the vast majority of analysts predicting that the iPad Pro’s 11 ″ and 12.9 models will be revealed over the next month.

At least one of these models may come with the mini-LED screen, with a high probability that the new iPad Pro will come with support for sub-6GHz and 5G mmWave networks.

Source: Phone Arena

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