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Intel Accelerated Event on July 26

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It was through new Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger in an official statement that he announced that Intel Accelerated, the event for the introduction of the company’s news, will take place on July 26th.

Leading the presentation will be Pat Gelsinger, CEO of the company, and Ann Kelleher, senior vice president and general manager of Technology Development.

Intel is one of the oldest and most recognized technology brands in the world. And even with increasing competition, Intel is not intimidated and remains focused on its work to bring consumers the best and most innovative equipment.

Intel Accelerated Event on July 26

Intel aims to expand chip manufacturing in a new Intel strategy called IDM 2.0. The brand’s objective is to be able to compete with other manufacturers that lead in this segment, such as the Taiwanese TSMC.

Integrated Device Manufacturing 2.0, or IDM 2.0, is the new strategy that Intel starts putting into practice with the launch of the 12th generation Alder Lake, which will mark the debut of the company’s 10 nm process.

In addition to the renewed 7 nm process, which underwent manufacturing modifications to make it easier, the plan aims at two more pillars that are surprising due to the strong impacts they will have on the factory’s business model.

The first and most important is to establish contracts with competitors like TSMC for the production of some products, including not only X and HPG GPUs but also some CPUs.

The second pillar would be for INTEL to make its own facilities and processes available so that other companies can close manufacturing deals with Intel. For this, more than US$30 billion would be invested in improving the conditions of existing plants and opening new ones in Europe.

According to rumors, some chips from the Intel Core lineup are likely to have the rival’s 3nm lithograph, with mass production planned for late 2022.

Source: Intel

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