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instax mini Fujifilm instant camera

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Fujifilm has announced the launch of the latest addition to its Instax Mini line of instant cameras, the Instax mini 40, which produces images through physical film at a price of $ 100.

The instax mini 40 is an entry-level instant movie camera with only two buttons, but what distinguishes this camera is its classic cinematic look, complete with a black synthetic leather body and a silver metal plastic frame.

Fujifilm says: The camera supports mini-format films and is supposed to be launched on April 21, 2021, which is The latest in Camera series instax instant that allows users to take photos and print them instantly.

In addition to the look of the old camera, the instax mini 40 has the same instax mini 11 mechanisms, as pressing the large silver button under the lens compartment removes the lens and turns on the camera.

Besides launching instax mini 40, Fujifilm is also launching instax film in a new miniature Contact Sheet format with text in red color, adding a classic touch to the black frame around the photo.

The new Instant Film Mode mimics the bromide of images captured in films, allowing photographers to inspect individual images.

The Instax mini 40 camera features the auto exposure feature that was originally introduced in the Instax mini 11 which was launched last May.

The setting allows the camera to automatically optimize shutter speed, flash output, and other settings depending on shooting conditions.

By doing so, the company aims to allow the user to take perfect photos in both bright outdoor and dark indoor conditions.

Fujifilm added to the camera a selfie mode to capture selfies and close-up shots by pulling the outside of the lens an additional half inch.

Selfie mode adjusts the focal length of the camera to allow the lens to focus on closer subjects.

And when the camera launches later this month, it comes with two accessories available at the same time, including a synthetic shoulder strap and a faux leather camera bag.

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