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Instagram wants to improve music discovery within its platform

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Instagram platform appears Are testing Another addition focuses on Tik Tok, with a new “Voice” tab appearing for some users in their exploration options, which lets you search for specific tracks in the app.

The new option allows you to search for songs by keyword, and provides a list of audio clips recorded on the Instagram system.

Clicking on one of the results will take you to a separate page for that song, which includes options to save the audio or use it in your own post, while also showing you all of Reels that used the same song.

This feature is similar to what is found under Tik Tok, where you can search for the song name in Tik Tok and find similar results on the Voices tab.

Clicking on the name of a song within a Tik Tok clip will display all the clips that used the same song, making room for increased interaction and engagement in the app, as users look to take advantage of the latest popular tracks.

You can also do the same inside Reels itself, by clicking on the music bar at the bottom of any Reels clip to bring up a list showing all Reels that used the same track as this new audio tab does.

Accordingly, the new Voice tab is nothing new functionally, but it does provide another way to maximize music sharing within the app, and perhaps highlight some of Reels’ latest trends for a wider audience.

And Instagram is still trying to figure out how to make Reels a bigger item, in an effort to stave off the growing competition from TikTok, and this new discovery option could be another way to showcase top trends based on popular routes.

Instagram is also reportedly working on a new incentive program that will reward users for creating Reels, while also testing new ways to share Reels on Facebook, expanding the reach of the videos across the social network.

And new data from App Annie last week showed that Tik Tok users spend on average the same time as Facebook users, while Tik Tok users spend more time on the app than Instagram users.

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