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Instagram tests new “Favorites” feature

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We’ve all come across the problem of our “friends’ posts” where if we want to review the post we have to endlessly roll a sea of ​​posts that we’re not even worried about and after some extra annoying scrolls, we ended up closing the Instagram.

Apparently Instagram is well aware of this situation, as it has quietly started testing a solution to its messy feed called “Favorites”.

According to Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer who first posted about the new feature on Twitter, the “favorites” feature will allow you to categorize your most important Instagram accounts (friends and creators) as your priorities so that your posts come “first” to your feed.

If you find this feature familiar, it’s because Instagram was already testing a different Favorites feature in 2017, which allowed you to limit the exact audience for each post. For example, the user can share their wedding photo only with designated favorites, instead of posting to all their followers.

The 2021 Favorites iteration, however, will give you much more control over your feed, letting Instagram know which accounts really matter most to you. You can now follow several different brands and creators in your account, but you don’t necessarily prioritize their content to the same level as your closest friends and family.

Currently, Instagram already sorts the feed order by the most recent posts and shared by people the user follows, as well as other “signs” such as the probability of engaging with a post, according to the company’s blog post in June of 2021 about its algorithm.

It is not yet clear whether or not this “Favorites” feature will become an official feature or whether it will change before it is implemented more widely. For now, Instagram says that “it’s an internal prototype that’s still in development and not yet externally tested.”

Source: Alessandro Paluzzi

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