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Instagram Stories with automatic text translation

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Instagram announced on Wednesday, a new feature to automatically translate texts that are in another language in their Stories. The tool will support more than 90 languages, its main objective is to facilitate the sharing of content in several different language countries.

Instagram will actually detect when a story appears containing text in another language and will show the option “See translation” in the upper corner, right below the user’s name. Just click on the button and the phrase will automatically be translated into the user’s language.

If you follow foreign people or have friends of other nationalities whose language is not Portuguese, from now on there will be no more problems in understanding what has been published. In fact, Instagram was already translating descriptions and comments, but Stories will only now be able to do translations.

Instagram Stories with automatic text translation

The company reinforces that, so far, the service is only available for text translation, not audio. In addition to Stories, feed posts, bio texts and photo captions already have the automatic translation option since 2016. This new feature will reach all users, both Android and iOS today.

Instagram is really making every effort to improve the user experience. In addition to the new translation, the user can also decide who wants to see inappropriate content.

This new feature is the Sensitive Content Control, it will allow the user to decide on the explore tab, for example, if they want to see content considered inappropriate.

With the new option, the user will be able to say if he is uncomfortable with exposure to this type of content. If you choose not to see this content anymore, the posts recommended in the explore tab will automatically change.

The changes came after a strong investment by Facebook in the amount of US$1 billion that will be spent by the end of 2022. An attempt to grow in the face of competition with Youtube and TikTok, which are already fully focused on video production.

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