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Instagram is testing the desktop publishing feature

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Having been in development for the past few months, Instagram has now launched its first live test of the ability to publish posts through the desktop version of the app.

Testing is conducted in collaboration with a small group of users who are able to access the full suite of download and deployment options.

according to to tweet From social media expert Matt Navarra, some users are now seeing the desktop post icon in the top bar at

When clicked, this allows users to download photos or videos directly from the computer.

Once you add the visuals, you can access all the normal in-app options for editing posts, including image formatting tools and filters.

You can then upload directly from the site, giving you another way to manage your Instagram content and process.

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The option to upload Stories or Reels is not easy at this point. But additional tests have shown that IGTV uploads are up and running as well, which likely indicates that full posting functionality is coming in the near future.

The desktop upload option can be a huge boost for social media managers looking to simplify their workflow. And publish modified graphics and visuals more easily within other applications.

“We know that many people reach us through computers,” Instagram said. To improve this experience, we are now testing the ability to create an Instagram post using a desktop browser.

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Instagram develops its functionality for the computer:

This is a small test at the moment, platform spokeswoman Kristen Bay added, with a target for further expansion soon.

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Users have been able to upload Instagram and IGTV posts from their desktop since 2019 via Facebook’s Creator Studio app. But this is limited to business accounts.

The Creator Studio download also does not provide access to all the regular Instagram editing tools. That may be another advantage of this new option.

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Instagram is working on improving its functionality for the PC over time. And last year it added the ability to view live broadcasts from the desktop version of the app. While it also improved the experience of watching stories on PC.

This allowed more people to use the platform, and also allowed a more centralized approach for social media managers, using the app’s native visual optimization tools.

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