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Instagram is testing fan club stories

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Instagram appears to be working on two different experiences aimed at boosting interaction in the app, and taking advantage of the emergence of NFT, or digital products, while broadcasting.

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Instagram is experimenting with a new Stories option called Fan Club Stories, which enables users to post exclusive Stories content that can only be viewed by members of the fan club or approved group.

According to what the app researcher shared Alessandro PaluzziFan club stories will only be visible to group members, and users will not be able to take screenshots of these exclusive story posts.

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This adds another option to the existing Instagram Stories options. Currently, you can set Your account is completely private, so that only your followers can see your Stories, or you can create Close friends list To share more private stories, rather than sharing publicly.

This new option adds another category with the most likely paying members added to the fan club list, where you can share exclusive content.

This option appears to be in line with Instagram’s broader efforts to add more tools for creators to monetize their efforts across the platform.

And according to Paluzzi’s previous findings, we’ll likely get more information from Instagram in the next month or so.

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Instagram develops new experiences:

In addition, Paluzzi also explore options collectibles new to the test. And the options appear to be related to the current rise of NFT. Obviously, the options allow Instagram users to bid on digital items while broadcasting.

There isn’t a lot of information on these at the moment, so it’s largely speculative. But it appears to be a new way to encourage digital art purchases by making it easier to display it on Instagram, while adding a tag of collectibles to Stories when shared.

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This can lead to new interaction and purchasing behaviors in the app. It may help digital content makers make more money from their work. And that is by enabling them to offer such auctions to Instagram users who number over a billion users.

As the platform seeks to encourage more in-app buying behaviour. This could be another way to get people to spend and share digital artwork while broadcasting.

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