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Instagram is developing a new payment option called rewards

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Facebook appears to be still using Instagram to try out features cloned from other platforms as it seeks to thwart the rapid rise of TikTok.

And last November, Snapchat launched a feature called Spotlight, which is a brief summary of Tik Tok-like videos found within a dedicated tab within the Snapchat app.

Facebook-owned Instagram has a similar Reels feature, but the main difference to Spotlight is the fact that Snap also pays $ 1 million a day to the best Spotlight content makers, in order to boost interest.

And the approach has worked, with Spotlight now visiting 125 million Snapchat users each month, and some content creators are getting paid for their Spotlight clips.

Instagram is now looking to introduce a similar payment program, as app researcher Alessandro Balozzi discovered Alessandro Paluzzi This advertising screen In the application code.

According to the images, Instagram is testing a new rewards program that is focused on promoting Reels. The program allows users to earn Instagram rewards when sharing new Reels content.

Then, it seems, you need to reach certain bonus limits to claim profits from the program, while there will also be variable bonuses available for content creators.

The annotations do not specifically state that users will earn cash payments from the program, but it appears to be consistent with Snapchat’s Spotlight approach to paying select content creators for their contributions to Reels, although they appear to be based on download volume rather than interaction or the quality.

Facebook’s product development guide over the past five years or so has fallen into a staple of reproducing features from competitors.

And when a platform launches something that works, it turns out to be just a matter of time before Facebook clones it, and with its massive reach, it is generally able to dampen competition with this approach.

But in the case of TikTok specifically, Facebook has not yet been able to slow down the momentum of the Chinese platform, as it bypasses duplicate copies of its features to continue progressing on its way towards becoming the next social media platform with a billion users.

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