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Instagram is adding caption option for stories

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Instagram makes it easy to access Stories and Reels videos through release New caption sticker that allows users to watch without having to play audio.

Not only will the extension make it easier for hard of hearing or deaf users to interact with video content, but it also provides a way for users to watch videos when they are in a place where they don’t want the audio playing.

In order to use this feature, the creator first records a new video using Stories or Reels in the Instagram app, or selects a video to upload from their phone.

Then, it opens the sticker tray and looks for the new Captions sticker, which converts its speech into text. The style, caption position, text and color can also be modified to match the content, and upon publishing, the captions appear next to the video for all to see.

The feature is only available at launch in English and in English-speaking countries, but Instagram is planning to roll it out to other countries and languages ​​soon.

And the caption sticker is also rolled out first across the stories and then begins testing it in Reels, with a broader launch.

The caption sticker was spotted last year during development, along with other potential new additions, such as the Collab sticker, Link sticker, Reshare sticker and more.

Facebook, which owns the Instagram platform, also appears to have its caption sticker in development.

The photo and video sharing platform began testing the poster earlier this spring with several of its users.

The addition comes just weeks after TikTok announced its caption feature, which it calls automatic captions.

The automatic captions automatically translate speech from the Tik Tok video in English and Japanese, but the text itself is not customizable and can be turned on or off by scenes from the app’s sharing panel.

Automatic captions haven’t been widely adopted yet, and many Tik Tok creators tend to continue to use captions that they create themselves or via third-party apps.

Instagram says it previously launched support for captions across Thread and IGTV, but expanding the feature to Stories and Reels is making an even bigger impact, given that Stories alone are used by more than 500 million people every day.

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