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Instagram continues to plan to create a children’s version

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The social network Instagram is considering creating a version of the photo and video sharing platform for children.

The idea divided opinions between social media users and lawyers in the United States, even asking that this not happen, but the project has been confirmed by the person in charge of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, following information released by the Buzzfeed platform. Mark Zuckerberg received an open letter from a group of lawyers asking him not to move forward.

“Children are increasingly asking their parents if they can join applications that help them keep in touch with friends”, explains Mosseri. For this reason, the company is considering “a parental-controlled version of Instagram”, as happened with the Messenger Kids smartphone application – a children’s version of Facebook Messenger.

Instagram continues to plan to create a childrens version

However, several users are criticizing the head of Instagram, because of the risks of sexual harassment or exposure of children to inappropriate content.
“Children are not given things because they want to (…) children are not given dangerous tools to play with when adults themselves have not found a way to make them safe,” wrote, for example, a user who identified herself like “a mother”.

“Any experience we do prioritizes security and privacy”, ensures the social network. “In addition, we are working with legislators and regulators”, he stresses.

Instagram, whose parent company is Facebook, requires a minimum legal age of 13 years for users to register, however, this measure is a mere pro-forma, since users can lie on their birth date. Still, Zuckerberg argues that it is better to give kids what they’re looking for than to watch them lie to use a social network for adults.

On the other hand, a series of measures aimed at increasing safety for children were presented, including technology that uses artificial intelligence to try to guess the real age of users.

Source: Guardian

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