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Instagram allows sharing a link in Stories

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The ability to add scrollable links within the Instagram Stories feature is limited to a small number of users, as your account must have been verified by the company or passed 10,000 followers.

And the platform has always specified who can post scrollable links across stories. But it is now beginning with a new test that could expand this ability.

The test gives a small subset of Instagram users the ability to link to a website using the Stories sticker.

People in this test will not be able to provide scrollable links. Alternatively, a poster can be submitted.

These stickers work in the same way as a scrollable link. But you need to tap rather than swipe.

People can also reply to Stories with a sticker, which they can’t currently do with Stories with a scrollable link.

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At the moment, the test is still small, Vishal ShahInstagram Chief Product Officer: We want to know how people can benefit from links.

And the platform wants to keep track of the types of links people are posting. As well as ensuring that they are not using the feature to send spam and misinformation.

In addition, the stickers, he says, fit more in the current way people use the platform.

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Instagram is testing links in Stories

The company hopes to move to stickers as the primary way to access websites outside the platform.

Shah adds that link stickers are the ultimate goal of the Instagram platform, whether it’s for everyone or people with privileges.

“This is the kind of future system we want to have,” he says. And that’s what we hope to bring up if we are able to make this work.

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Links are limited to stories at this time. However Shah says there is no plan to bring them to the feed or any other part of the app.

This test appears to be mostly aimed at people who have found sound and access to the platform. But they may not target the levels that Instagram requires in order to gain the scrollable link privileges.

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For example, activists are handling calls-to-action posts but have not been able to direct people to website resources. This test may make it possible.

This test is small, so the platform won’t change quickly, but it could be the start of people browsing the web from within the Instagram app more frequently.

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