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Incredible: From 0% to 100% in 8 minutes thanks to Xiaomi Hyper Charge

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Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has demonstrated a new Hypercharge system that can charge phones in monstrous 200 W over a wire and 120 W wirelessly. Just three minutes on the charge cable is enough to bring a 4000 mAh phone battery down to 50 percent. Incredible!

In a short video with lapse time, Xiaomi demonstrated the wired and wireless charging systems, with a clock on one side of the phone and a power meter on the other, showing exactly how many watts are going to the phone in real time. This meter is interesting to watch: you can watch the charging power slowly increase as the battery is charged gently in the first stages of the battery, reaching only 200 W when the battery is already 22 percent – one minute and 25 seconds after the start of the battery. charge.

Likewise, it starts to decrease when the battery reaches 50 percent, lowering its rate as the battery fills – so there is certainly some consideration being given here to the equipment’s longevity – even though it’s still an explosive charge by most standards of phones, breaking the 80 W when the phone is at 99 percent.

But not everything is necessarily what it seems; the phone is a Mi 11 Pro with a 4,000 mAh battery and is custom equipment, as the production phone works with a 5,000 mAh battery and its charger reaches an impressive 67 W.

This is a laboratory test, not a promise of production. Lithium batteries don’t really like this kind of treatment, so while Xiaomi may claim world records for both wired and wireless charging, we would be very surprised to see something of that nature on a production phone to come. Charging so fast would overheat and overcharge the battery and probably shorten its life cycle.

But it is still impressive and Xiaomi went further, also in wireless charging with 120W, reaching 100 battery in just 15 minutes, being another innovation of Xiaomi in this area, when recently it also managed to introduce a way to charge by wireless without the need for equipment without placing on a base, but approaching an area, with the Mi Air Charge.

If you haven’t seen the Mi Air Charge yet, the simple concept is impressive and it’s worth watching our article and watching the video. The future is just around the corner, no doubt.

Xiaomi’s wireless charging technology, Mi Air Charge, may be the most impressive we’ve seen

Incredible From 0 to 100 in 8 minutes thanks to

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