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Immediately disconnect your Western Digital My Book from the internet

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People who own and use a Western Digital My Book Live cloud storage device may want to disconnect from the Internet as soon as possible. As first reported by the website Bleeping Computer, several people around the world who own the network-attached storage device went to the company’s forum to indicate that all of their files have been deleted.

The terabytes of data, years of memories and months of hard work disappeared in an instant. Users were not even able to log into WD’s cloud infrastructure for diagnostics because their passwords were no longer working. Now, it was quickly thought that WD’s infrastructure might have been the target of some computer attack.

Several owners investigated the cause of the problem and realized that their devices were cleaned after receiving a remote command to format the disk and reset the equipment to factory values. user who published the entire process.

Immediately disconnect your Western Digital My Book from the internet

WD My Book Live devices connect to the Internet via an Ethernet cable, and owners can use it to back up their computers or access their files from any device. It’s a great solution for homes and businesses with multiple computers and phones running different operating systems.

This feature uses the My Book Live servers to provide remote access, and the equipment has not been updated since 2015, although there is still a firewall helping to protect the equipment, which led to the quick “completion” it could have been a hack to servers. However Western Digital has stated that no security breach has been found on its part.

According to the company, it was found that some My Book Live devices were compromised through malicious software, without mentioning more information on the subject and recommending that product holders disconnect the devices from the internet, to protect the information they contain on the devices. The company continues to investigate this situation and will disclose information as it becomes available.

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