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Images shared via Whatsapp will have more quality

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Over the years Whatsapp has tried to make its application more intuitive and appealing to users, and significantly reduced data consumption.

A few months ago, the platform made a change in terms of weight in video sharing, and now it’s time for photos, whose quality may be higher. The quality of sending images was one of the main criticisms pointed out to the platform, since, regardless of the quality of the camera, Whatsapp compresses all files in jpeg or png format.

According to the WABetaInfo, users can choose the quality of the photos they want from three options, which are self-explanatory. Of course, better quality photos are larger and may take longer to send.

Images shared via Whatsapp will have more quality
The new feature is being tested in the beta version for Android (version This is another change designed for the user, as the people responsible for Whatsapp are committed to ensuring access to the app in a simpler and more optimized way.
This will probably be a very useful option for users who regularly use WhatsApp to share photos, but who prefer their size to be kept in order to preserve their quality.

It is not yet known whether this new feature will be tested on devices that use the iOS system, nor is there an official release date for the Android version.

The functionality can be especially useful for professional photographers, who can, through the application, send the photos to clients, without the quality being compromised.

Currently the platform reduces all files to about 2 MP.

Source: TechRadar

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