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iMacs gained new colors and greater elegance – Spring Loaded

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It was yesterday that Apple announced, at the Spring Loaded event, the introduction of several new features to its collection of devices. Among them, the new iMacs that change both outside and inside – from the processor, the new M1 developed by Apple, to the design, which has new colors and a more refined aspect – making them one of the biggest attractions of the manufacturer of Cupertino.

The particularity of this new iMac series is the fact that they were designed to operate with the Apple’s new M1, such as new iPad Pro. This introduction follows an old plan of the North American brand to depend as little as possible on third parties for the development and production of its own products, seeking in some way to reproduce what Huawei has been doing in the last two to three years (in view of the US restrictions on the Chinese manufacturer).

The new model brought the colors to the ecosystem of the brand’s fixed PCs, with different sizes, compared to the 21.5 inch standard. Using pastel colors, Apple chose to include more vibrant shades, from the coldest to the warmest, at least in a total of seven colors.

iMacs gained new colors and greater elegance Spring Loaded

This iMac, that is to say, All-in-One comes with the famous 4.5K Retina screen of 24 ″ and with a reduction of the size of the frame, as well as of the thickness of the rear of the equipment – there is no longer the characteristic curvature – a decrease of a total of about 50 percent compared to the previous model. Similar to what happened on other branded devices, Apple’s new iMac makes use of “True Tone“, The technology that adjusts the color temperature, in real time.

However, do not be disappointed if you think the changes have stopped there, as Apple has announced that it has made changes to the camera and microphone in order to improve the video experience, at a time when most of us are studying or working from home. House. According to the brand, the reformulation of the camera involves increasing the resolution from HD to Full-HD (1080p) and increasing the size of the sensor – probably, for a greater light input – and, consecutively, achieving greater detail and fidelity of the Image.

1619018086 223 iMacs gained new colors and greater elegance Spring Loaded

The new M1 also plays a key role in capturing video and, as explained above, was designed to control image noise reduction, exposure and white balance. The microphone (or set), as far as it is concerned, has the objective of providing a larger audio input that includes not only one, but three microphones that are intended to assist the main microphone in removing background noise, enhancing the voice of the speaker. Finally, but still in terms of sound, the speakers are now configured in three units, a small tweeter (for the treble) and two units for the bass.

As a consequence of the new design and the new internal redesign of the iMacs, a real decrease in energy consumption, an increase in performance – thanks to the abandonment of Intel’s x86 architecture and betting on ARM’s big.LITTLE configuration – is now realized, but above all , through greater heat dissipation, making it more durable and quieter, since the temperature is lower (inside the computer) and the fans are smaller.

iMacs gained new colors and greater elegance Spring Loaded

This iMac is accompanied by a new power cable that, in addition to the power for the computer, can also connect it to the internet. The network cable (ethernet) can be connected directly to the power supply that will route the network signal through the power cable. The cheapest model includes two Thunderbolt / USB-C ports, however, if you choose the more expensive edition you still have access to two more USB-C ports (not Thunderbolt).

Additionally, Apple also launched the set of peripherals that come with the brand’s iMacs, namely the mouse (mouse), a trackpad and a keyboard. We highlight the keyboard that now includes a Touch ID button to log in to your PC, without having to enter a Password or PIN on your Mac. These keyboards now come in the same color configuration announced for iMacs.

1619018088 993 iMacs gained new colors and greater elegance Spring Loaded

The price of the new iMac (24 ″) starts at € 1,299 and includes a seven-core GPU (for students, the price is € 1,249) and is now available for order. The version, whose GPU has eight cores, starts to cost from € 1,499 (or € 1,399 for students). The basic model has 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD, which can be increased up to 16 GB of RAM and 2 TB of storage.

For Brazil there is still no date, and in terms of prices they start at 17,599 reais and go up to 22,599 reais.

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