im install file in pubg

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im install file in pubg It will enable you to become a professional PUBG player that no one will be able to defeat, all you have to do is install the file and merge it into the game files and you will enjoy many advantages that will enable you to increase your control over your game and use the tricks and developed techniques to eliminate your enemies and win matches with the largest number of kicks and merges.

Most of the players who publish videos about the PUBG game and how to play with a weapon with a fixed IM to a large extent, because they do not dispense with the IM installation files that were programmed by professional programmers who can completely block the view from the game supervisors so that they do not give you the ban for using those tricks and files, let’s know More on the weapon installation files in PUBG and how you can find out the locations of enemies in PUBG Mobile.

im install file in pubg

There are many programmers who develop files to install the game for mobile or computer, but what we will show you later are files programmed professionally without any ban and you will not find them anywhere else, these files adjust the game settings to suit you while playing where you can play with high graphics up to Full HD and a high total of frames without any lag or exit from the game due to the weak RAM of the device you are playing with.

The task of the files is large and has many functions and advantages that will help you to play and is not limited to installing the IM only, but we have two files that have functions that are almost the same, but differ in some simple functions such as revealing the places of enemies in white, there is a file that colors all the characters of enemies and friends also in color The white file makes it easier for you to discover their locations, and the second file has the same features, but shows the characters in their natural colors.

But there is a risk to your account when you use a lot of abuse that the files give you, but you can overcome the game’s supervisors by using the file reasonably because when you use the file, you will become officially hack, meaning that you can easily kill enemies with any weapon in the game.

That is, you can install any scoop 6, 3, 8 or 4 on any weapon in the game with 0% recoil with 100% stability, that is, you can kill Tim Cam from the enemy with one store of any weapon and that will make the enemies suspect you, which will present Robert on your account to overtake you Game safety standards.

To bypass this danger, you can play with the m416 weapon with a 4 or 6 scoop for long distances and a 3 scoop on the m762 weapon for direct confrontations, so that your playing is naturally and not exaggerated and does not take Ban from the game supervisors.

Advantages of the imm install file in pubg

  • After the new update that was released yesterday, the imm installation file in PUBG enables you to make the imm of all weapons in PUBG with 100% stability, meaning that you can install any scoop on any weapon and kill all enemies.
  • One of the advantages of the file is that you will be able to see the enemies crawling in the middle of the grass because the file removes the grass from all PUBG maps.
  • The file adjusts the game settings in terms of graphics, enabling you to play with the highest graphics of the game and in terms of the sensitivity of the weapon and the character you are playing with, and it automatically adjusts it to easy and simple levels that enable you to control with ease.
  • Increasing the percentage of frames that your device sets for the game in order to reduce the lag and the player’s slowness during the gym.
  • As we said before that the imm installation file makes the player character, enemies and friends also in white, and this will enable you to reveal the locations of the enemies with ease.
  • The file provides 40% magic, that is, when you hit with any weapon, you follow the enemy’s bullets so that you can use it when the eye is next to the enemy and not directly towards it.

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How to download im install files in pubg

  • You can download the imm stability file (character in white) in PUBG from Mediafire from here.
  • You can download the installation file of im in natural color from mediafire from here.
  • Then you can merge only one file with the game files, which are completely similar to the IM installation file, and in order to merge, you must download the zArchiver program from Google Play from here.
  • After downloading the files and the zArchiver program, you must enter the program and search for the file called game_patch in the Download list.
How to install im file in pubg 1

Copy the file and go to the following path Android >> Data >> Com.tencent.ig >> files >> UE4Game >> shadowTrackerExtra >>
shadowTrackerExtra >> Saved >> paks.

im install file in pubg
  • After that you will paste the file by the plus sign at the bottom of the screen in the paks file and then open the game and you will find that the file has been installed.
How to install im file in pubg 2

Things to beware of before installing the im pubg file

  • You must download the latest version of the zArchiver program and the latest version released by the PUBG game, that is, if you have not updated the game, you must update it first.
  • You cannot use two files at once or else Ban will be taken from the game and you should be careful not to compromise the original game files so that you don’t have to download the file again.
  • Before the end of the season you are playing with the file, delete the file from the main game files so as not to take Ban and we will update the links with the latest files for each new season.

In the end, we have shown you the imm install file in Peggy, how to integrate the file with the game files, what are the advantages of downloading the imm stability file in Peggy, and what are the things that you should beware of before downloading the imm stability file in Peggy

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