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If you have this application on your Android, uninstall it immediately

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According to the website AndroidPolice, security company MalwareBytes issued a report for an existing application on Google Play. According to the company, the application provides adware. The application is the “Barcode Scanner”, being one of the many that when installed allow your smartphone be able to scan bar codes and interpret them.

With around 10 million installations, everything suggests that it is a reliable application, and if we also take into account the time it remains in the Google store, then we are more confident about the use of app. It should also be noted that it was part of the program Google Play Pass Program.

Program that allowed users of the Android operating system to subscribe a monthly fee of $ 4.99 to be able to install without any kind of restriction the entire application on the Google Store. The subscriber and up to five family members could use the service simultaneously.

If you have this application on your Android uninstall it

The report notes that with the December update, the application started providing ads for another cleaning and system improvement application. Allegedly that application (Cleaner), it served to eliminate unnecessary residual files on the equipment as well as improve battery life.

Even if the application has already been removed from the Google Play Store, and if you previously installed the app, so it is very likely that it still exists on your device. The company responsible for its development is LAVABIRD LTD, which is a programmer for other applications store.

According to MalwareBytes, the application works by opening the default internet browser without any user interaction. If you really need a QR code reader, there are excellent alternatives without the risk presented by this application. We have, for example, Google Lens, which is a native application of the brand and which we can use with all confidence and reliability.

Source: Phone Arena

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