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iCar: Apple CEO confirms he is working on a car

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It is not at all common to hear these news in an official way from Apple, since despite the various rumors, Apple usually keep the “secret” about their projects until the official announcement. We are already used to there always being some leaks of information, however in an official way this never happens. Or it happened.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, confirmed in a conversation on a North American podcast that he is working on a car, not concealing at all that Apple’s goal is to try to create an autonomous car, and in the interview, Tim Cook even says “we will see the that Apple can do ”.

The interview was given to the podcast Sway, from NYTimes, in a conversation that covered several topics, from the recent controversy between Facebook, Apple and the permissions of applications in the AppStore / user privacy, and at some point, the conversation changes to the supposed car of Apple, the iCar.

iCar Apple CEO confirms he is working on a car

During the interview, it was said that Apple bought Drive AI, a startup focused on autonomous driving, and that it has been testing this technology by instigating a conversation with the Apple CEO about the future that is reserved for Apple in this market.

Tim Cook indicated that “In terms of the work we are doing, obviously, I am not going to talk much,” Cook said. “The car, in many ways, is a robot. An autonomous car is a robot. And then there are a lot of things you can do with autonomy. And we’ll see what Apple does. “

The interviewer pressed a little harder and asked directly if it meant that Apple was working on a car or on the technology in the car, and Cook ended up revealing a little more: “We love to integrate hardware, software and services – and find the points intersection of them – because we think that’s where the magic occurs, ”said the Apple CEO. “And this is what we love to do. And we love having the primary technology around it. “

While Cook’s “soft” response wasn’t a confirmation that Apple was about to launch the latest four-wheel device, Cook didn’t correct when it was said whether they were talking about a future electric or autonomous car produced by Apple, which gives iCar more strength.

It is not the first time that there is information on the topic and the Hyundai-Kia group has even confirmed talks with Apple in this regard, which, supposedly, caused Apple to end negotiations in this regard, since Apple does not intend to create own factories, but rather subcontract for the creation of the car, something that the manufacturer has always done in all its devices.

The agency Reuters previously, the iCar was launched in 2024, so, despite this information, there is still a long time to know everything about the Apple car. The Titan project, supposedly the code name for the development of Apple’s new car, will already have a lot of engineers at work.

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