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“I have a Dream”: Fortnite lets you “relive” Martin Luther King’s speech at play

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History isn’t a game, but Fortnite’s developers are adding an iconic Martin Luther King Jr. moment to the popular video game — and some people fear it sends the wrong message about the civil rights leader.

Fortnite said he is partnering with TIME Studios to step back in time, adding a new virtual experience with Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. The experiment, called “March Through Time,” teleports players back to a Washington, DC “reinvented” in 1963 – where King delivered the speech during the march in Washington.

During the game, players will head to the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall, where King delivered his famous speech.

“March Through Time” includes collaborative minigames, pop-up galleries and educational resources. The museum’s inspired points of interest, along with its historical imagery, are intended to contextualize King’s historical speech, Fortnite said in a press release.


The activities presented in the game will progress players through the experience while bringing important speech themes to life.

The new feature has received some negative reactions on social media – some people are concerned that Martin Luther King is remembered by younger gamers as the “Fortnite guy” and not an activist.

Source: NPR

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