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Hubble Telescope comes back to life

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After spending about a month away, NASA announced the return of the Hubble Space Telescope. The same sent back to Earth images of galaxies that had just been observed. Hubble returned to activity after NASA officials released a minor update to the system last week.

According to NASA, the Hubble Telescope was taken out of action due to a problem in the Power Control Unit, a component that is part of the telescope’s main computer.

The space telescope had had a similar problem before. After moving to the reserve system, all equipment was replaced on a space shuttle mission the following year.

The long-awaited return has arrived and researchers hope to continue observing distant galaxies, providing not only more knowledge about the Universe but also high-quality images.Hubble Telescope comes back to life

“Hubble has been an icon that has given us an incredible perspective on the cosmos for three decades. I’m proud of the team behind the telescope, from current members to alumni, who offered all their support and expertise to this mission,” said Bill Nelson, agency administrator

NASA says Hubble will last many years and will continue to make groundbreaking observations, working in conjunction with other space observatories, including the James Webb Space Telescope, which is due to be launched later this year.

Hubble was launched in 1990, Hubble takes over 31 years to observe the universe, having taken more than 1.5 million photos – there are already more than 18,000 scientific articles published with its data collection.

Hubble has contributed to some of the most significant discoveries, including the accelerated expansion of the Universe, the evolution of galaxies and the first atmospheric studies of planets beyond our Solar System.

“Hubble is an icon, which has given us an incredible view of the cosmos for the past three decades,” said Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator.

It is already said that the James Webb Space Telescope, which will be launched by the end of this year, according to NASA, could become a replacement for Hubble, however, it does not yet have a date set for its “renovation”.

Source: Hubble

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