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Huawei Sound: the brand’s new wireless speaker is now on sale

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Huawei presents the new Huawei Sound, the second wireless speaker developed in collaboration with the acoustic company Devialet. Huawei Sound is significantly smaller than its predecessor, however, it continues to provide a quality sound experience, serving as a testament to the unique and complementary capabilities of Huawei and Devialet.

This generation of the Huawei Sound Series is the latest bet from the partnership between Huawei and Devialet, with all its speakers adopting Devialet’s patented acoustic designs to provide an even more immersive sound experience. In 2019, the two companies have jointly launched the Huawei Sound X, which as the first wireless speaker premium has made state-of-the-art audio and acoustic technology accessible to both ordinary users and audiophiles.

Compact body to suit any scenario

Huawei Sound adopts an innovative acoustic design of four speakers, the result of the unique technology of Devialet, with a woofer of 4 inches and 40W, plus three full-range 5W speakers that work together.

Despite being smaller than the previous speaker, Huawei Sound is surprisingly powerful, thanks to the design Push-Push from Devialet, in which two passive units are reinforced to counteract vibrations. This reduces the distortion of sound that results from the reverberations of the diaphragms, and ensures unmatched stability in situations of high volume up to 90 dB, always producing crystal clear and reliable audio.

Huawei Sound the brands new wireless speaker is now on

The strong bass has been a consistent feature in the Huawei Sound Series, incorporating Devialet’s advanced SAM technology, and a “1 woofer + 2 passive units ”. This highly intricate acoustic model exerts meticulous shaping and displacement controls over the woofer and passive radiators, ensuring simultaneous vibrations of maximum amplitude over low frequencies without any distortion. As a result, the bass tones are deeper and fuller.

Advanced SAM technology provides greater immersion, absorbing the user in a live concert experience, without leaving the home. Reinforced by the Devialet SAM design and Push-Push, Huawei Sound produces powerful and limitless audio, while maintaining an impressive degree of fidelity, which in itself represents a new paradigm for the wireless speaker market.

Devialet SPACE technology for 360 ° sound

With three tweeters with full range, evenly spaced at 120 ° angles, configured by Devialet SPACE Technology, Huawei Sound is capable of providing 360 ° sound, for a listening experience that takes us to the great concert halls.

SPACE technology transforms the traditional notion that sound surround requires multiple sound outputs strategically positioned in a given space, thus separating the input signal into direct sound, reflected sound and ambient noise, through a dedicated algorithm. The three loudspeakers oriented in different directions then receive the signal based on the listener’s location, and together they create amazing sound effects surround from a single device, transcending the spatial limitations inherent in any space.

Huawei Sound the brands new wireless speaker is now on

In addition, Huawei’s new generation of wireless speakers also offers four different and adjustable sound effects: Devialet SPACE Soundstage, Vocals, Hi-Fi and Bass, which add an improved experience to any musical piece, from symphonies to any other style of music. All of these settings can be configured and adjusted using the AI ​​Life application from Huawei.

Improved Huawei Share functionality

Huawei Sound also offers unparalleled convenience, as it is equipped with a diverse range of connectivity capabilities, including Bluetooth (LDAC), UPnP, and 3.5mm AUX-in connections.

In addition, Huawei Sound also incorporates the innovative Huawei Share feature, through which the user can direct audio playback from his smartphone to the speaker with just a touch of his smartphone on the speaker body. This column also supports LDAC, which allows high-definition transmission via Bluetooth at up to 990 kbps, three times that of standard Bluetooth.

Devialet design: a classic style

Huawei Sound inherits style premium of its predecessor model with a high quality coating. The bottom of the speaker is covered with a shiny fiber netting cloth, for free and easy transmission of the sound, which serves, at the same time, as protection against infiltration of dust and splashes.

Huawei Sound incorporates Huawei’s unparalleled innovation in the field of communications technology and the acoustic capabilities of Devialet, to provide a unique sound experience. This new device opens the door to a new era for wireless speakers, in which the emotional resonance of our favorite songs and sounds can be faithfully reproduced by a perfectly compact wireless speaker.


Huawei Sound is on sale in stores starting today, for € 199.99.

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