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Huawei: Next bet will be to face the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X

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Despite the problems that the US has caused the Chinese manufacturer, it does not seem to slow down in innovation and does not show any fear of entering new markets, with the latest rumor pointing that Huawei wants to enter one of the most difficult markets, gaming . But we are not talking (just) about gaming computers, but a new game console.

Huawei had already started on gaming computers, with the Honor Hunter V700, but the current situation has made Honor (phones, laptops and everything) sold. The Huawei gaming notebook is expected this year.

The follow-up will be much more interesting – a game console to rival the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X. However, there are no details on what kind of platform it will be. From the comparison with the high-end consoles, it seems likely that this is not an ARM-based console like the Nintendo Switch, but something more robust.

Huawei Next bet will be to face the Playstation 5

AMD formed a joint venture with Chinese partners a few years ago to produce Zen-based CPUs. Perhaps a CPU similar to the current PlayStation and Xbox is not out of the question. But that is not certain – Huawei may want to try something with its own Kirin designs, which would be something even more risky, but certainly innovative.

Like the HiSilicon Kunpeng 920 chip based on the ARM instruction set, which was presented on the MateStation B515 computer along with the AMD Radeon 430 GPU. Switch to a more robust Radeon and we might consider it an interesting set for a gaming console. But which software will run?

Last year, Huawei launched GameCenter, a gaming hub developed based on Huawei Media Services for Android, and it already has many Android games ready to be played, however, for a gaming console, certainly the offer of games will need to be more robust.

We already know that in this segment the most important is always the content and not the hardware, but if you want to enter the gaming area to rival the Playstation and Xbox, it is not with Android games that you will do it. Unless you’re looking at it from the wrong point of view, and Huawei’s idea is not to rival the Playstation or Xbox, but to launch a cheaper console, with Android games.

By the way, this won’t be Huawei’s first console, but we hope it will be better than the Tron console – a console based on Jelly Bean with Android 4.2 and Tegra 4 of 2014 that few people remember.

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