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Huawei MeeTime now available in Portugal: new competitor to iMessage

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Huawei reveals that Huawei MeeTime, an application developed by Huawei that allows video calls between compatible Huawei devices, is already available in Portugal. MeeTime is the first video calling application that applies to any scenario, as it allows you to make calls between Huawei laptops, tablets and smartphones.

“In today’s context, where connecting with our loved ones or holding meetings wherever we are has become an integral part of our daily lives, video conferencing applications themselves have come to play an important role in our lives. . At Huawei, we developed Huawei MeeTime, the free video calling application, which is now available in Portugal, and which we believe that, with the features it offers, it will be an excellent work tool or, simply, a way to get closer to family or friends , even if it is through a screen”, he says Ana Lorena, Head of Marketing and Communication at Huawei Consumo in Portugal.

Screen sharing through MeeTime brings more connectivity

In addition to allowing that, even without a SIM card, a smartphone can establish a 1080P video call with another device over Wi-Fi, MeeTime allows users to share their screens so that those who are with us in video calls can see and mark on their own screen notes and comments that, simply and quickly, will be shown to both parties. This feature, which can be used to discuss purchases or itineraries with friends, or even teach your parents how to use a certain function on your mobile phone, makes the user experience much easier and more fun. Just draw and mark on the screen and whoever is on the other side will be able to follow the process at each step, as if they were watching a pre-recorded video.

Huawei MeeTime now available in Portugal new competitor to iMessage

For example, in a scenario where the user and a friend need to choose a flight, without using MeeTime, it would be necessary to find the available flights, take a screenshot, and send it before discussing it. With MeeTime, just tap the ‘More’ button in the lower right corner of the screen and select the ‘Share screen’ option so that those on the other side can follow our searches and, in real time, choose the flight option that best suits both. It also allows the user to draw a circle around the flight they prefer, which makes conversations more efficient in making decisions.

The Screen Sharing option through Huawei MeeTime is also an efficient tool in telework and teleschool context, as teachers can use this platform to supervise students’ homework online or explain complex issues in a more intuitive way.

Likewise, teams that are distributed across different locations can also collaborate remotely and visually with the Screen Sharing option. When a team preparing a project needs to ‘meet’ to review a document, for example a PowerPoint, MeeTime offers the possibility to open the document and share the screen, so that both parties in the call can edit simultaneously and collaboratively on your screen. If the user wants to underline, delete or add some information, he can do it directly through his screen, so that the meeting becomes more efficient.

AI helps improve low-light or network conditions in video calling

Huawei MeeTime is different from other video calling applications, this is because Huawei has created a concept called communication in all scenarios, where different devices are involved, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, which can, with this application, communicate with each other. Compared to other apps, MeeTime allows users to smoothly switch between Huawei smartphones and tablets during a video call. In addition, the platform is integrated with face recognition and intelligent face optimization algorithms to significantly improve portrait resolution in low light. On the other hand, with the support of multi-screen collaboration, a smartphone can directly access the microphone and camera of a PC, so that the user can receive phone calls via MeeTime directly on their laptop.

When network quality is poor, MeeTime’s built-in super-resolution technology through bandwidth compensates for real-time video quality, which allows for smooth HD image even in bad network conditions such as underground garages .

One of the core design principles of Huawei MeeTime is end-to-end encryption, which ensures that when there is a screen sharing request, the platform double-checks with the user to obtain their consent, offering its users several guarantees: if the request is from a third-party application, screen sharing will be limited to the application; if the user exits the application, the other side can only see the last frame, and finally, if the user receives a text message while sharing the application, the other side will not be able to see that message. All these aspects contribute so that when you are making a video call, each user’s privacy is protected.

Screen sharing via Huawei MeeTime revolutionizes traditional voice/video based interaction. All you need to do is upgrade your Huawei smartphone to the EMUI 10.1 operating system, so that more and more Huawei users can enjoy efficient and convenient voice and video communication in all scenarios, and experience a new interpersonal interaction in a totally new world. connected.

Smartphones that support the MeeTime app are: Mate 40 Pro, P40 Pro+, P40 Pro, P40, P40 lite, P40 lite E, Mate 30 Pro, P30 Pro New Edition, P30 Pro, P30, Nova 5T, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20, P Smart 2021 and P Smart S.

Regarding tablets, Huawei MeeTime is supported by MatePad, MatePad Pro and MatePad 11 models.

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