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Huawei MatePad 11, MatePad 10.8 Pro and MatePad 12.6 Pro: new tablets with HarmonyOS

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Huawei has announced three new MatePad tablets: a new 12.6-inch MatePad Pro, a smaller 10.8-inch MatePad Pro and a new MatePad 11. These devices don’t just stand out for being the brand’s first devices with HarmonyOS , in conjunction with the Huawei Watch 3 watch, but also because the MatePad 11 and MatePad 10.8 Pro models are equipped with Snapdragon processors, from Qualcomm, one of the companies that can already do business with Huawei, instead of the Kirin that has equipped the models from Huawei.

Among those hardware and software changes, tablets highlight the challenges the Chinese tech giant is facing. He’s simultaneously trying to break free of Android, which outside of China is dominated by Google apps and services that Huawei can’t pre-install on their phones. But they also show the problems that US sanctions are causing Huawei’s Kirin processor production, forcing it to buy processors from rival Qualcomm.

Another aspect is that HarmonyOS, which equips the new equipment and is the brand’s latest operating system, also runs on Qualcomm processors, which shows that Huawei had to optimize its operating system for that, too.

The 10.8-inch MatePad Pro is equipped with a Snapdragon 870, while the 10.95-inch MatePad 11 is powered by a Snapdragon 865. The 12.6-inch MatePad Pro, however, still runs on the Kirin 9000E processor itself. Huawei, and is the device from Huawei with the most information released.

Huawei MatePad 11 MatePad 108 Pro and MatePad 126 Pro

From an end-user perspective, the “switch” to HarmonyOS fundamentally doesn’t bring back the missing Google apps and services that have made Huawei’s recent devices so hard to recommend outside of China. Huawei’s AppGallery store offers a growing range of native apps and workarounds for a few others, but it’s still far from having Google’s suite of apps and services pre-installed on a device. However, there are, in Portugal, several users who deal well with this and do not miss the GMS.

There has been some criticism around HarmonyOS, which pointed to an open source Android fork and not a “complete creation” of the operating system, however Huawei stated that HarmonyOS uses a Linux kernel, like Android, when the device counts with enough RAM.

With the keyboard cover and M-Pencil stylus, last year’s MatePad Pro invited obvious comparisons with Apple’s iPad Pro, and this year’s HarmonyOS model brings a few more features that we can associate with Apple tablets. There’s a new FreeNote feature that lets you use M-Pencil to write in dialog boxes and see your writing automatically turned into typed text (a feature Apple introduced last year) and the tablet’s home screen now includes a dock with your most used apps, also very similar.

1622654596 896 Huawei MatePad 11 MatePad 108 Pro and MatePad 126 Pro

But with the 12.6-inch MatePad Pro, Huawei deserves some credit for not emulating some of Apple’s less popular design decisions. Your webcam, for example, is built into the center of the frame, so it’s in the right place for conference calls, unlike the iPad Pro. It also has a 2560x1600p OLED screen, while Apple’s line still uses panel variations LCD.

Huawei’s screen mirroring technology also returns with the new MatePad Pro. While this previously allowed to mirror a smartphone’s display on the tablet, it can now mirror and interact with the tablet’s screen on compatible Huawei computers or use it as a monitor external.

The 12.6-inch MatePad Pro has a 10.050mAh battery that Huawei claims can play video for 14 hours on a single charge. It can be quickly charged up to 40W with one cable, 27W wirelessly and also offers reverse wireless charging at 10W. Rounding out the specs, there are three rear cameras on the tablet, four microphones, eight speakers, Wi-compatibility Fi 6 and optional 5G support.

1622654597 239 Huawei MatePad 11 MatePad 108 Pro and MatePad 126 Pro

Along with the new tablets, Huawei also announced the second generation of its M-Pencil pen. The company says the new pen is more accurate and has a latency of less than 9ms.

Huawei has yet to confirm pricing or launch details for its new tablets in Europe, but said the 12.6-inch MatePad Pro would be released in China on June 10 starting at 4,999 yuan (about €641 or R $4069) for the 128GB Wi-Fi model. Meanwhile, the 10.8-inch MatePad Pro will cost 3,799 yuan (487€ or $3092) for the 128GB model and will be released on June 10th in China. Huawei did not provide exact pricing or release information for the MatePad 11. The second-generation M-Pencil will go on sale in China for 599 yuan (€77 or R$488) from June 10th.

1622654598 851 Huawei MatePad 11 MatePad 108 Pro and MatePad 126 Pro

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