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Huawei Harmony OS 2.0 will be unveiled on April 24 and Huawei P50 on April 27

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There is little doubt that Huawei is experiencing some difficulties in the mobile market. Not that their smartphones are not of great quality, but it was already known that when you stop using Android and Google services, namely a host of apps with the quality of the Play Store, they would be difficult times. On the one hand, Huawei has made a strong investment in the App Gallery so that it has as many quality applications as possible and we have already found many of the main applications used in Portugal in its application store.

However, the launch of a new operating system is mandatory for full integration and this is what will happen soon, with the Huawei P50 being the first smartphone to come, from the factory, with the new operating system and which should be presented as early as next April.

And if there were hopes that with the arrival of the new US government things could improve, there are already signs that this should not happen, so there is no great chance that Huawei itself intends to go back and return to Android. Therefore, the company is preparing its HarmonyOS that will replace Android on its smartphones and, apparently, both the new operating system and the new high-end are expected to be presented during the month of April.

Huawei Harmony OS 20 will be unveiled on April 24

According to a Weibo account, titled @FoxSister, it revealed that Huawei will hold two events next month. The events will take place between April 24th and 27th. The theme of the events is “Wisdom Connecting Everything, Wisdom and Hundreds of People” and “Art Deconstruction, Know the Future”, in a direct translation from Mandarin to Portuguese.

Now, everything points to the first event being the launch of HarmonyOS 2.0, the new operating system for smartphones, since between April 24th and 26th the Huawei DC Developer is held, an event for programmers.

Therefore, the Huawei P50 should be known on April 27, at an event after we know all the details of Huawei’s new operating system. Despite this date, we are still not sure whether on this date the equipment will be presented in China, or a global presentation, and the smartphone’s arrival on the market should take place in May.

Relying on the information released so far, the new Huawei P50 should have the latest processor from Huawei, the Kirin 9000. Due to the scarcity of processors, not because of the pandemic but because of the limitations imposed by the USA on the company, the new equipment should not be sold in large quantities.

As for the Huawie P50 Series, three versions are expected to follow the previous nomenclature, the Huawei P50, Huawei P50 Pro and Huawei P50 Pro +, and the top model will have a screen with all curved sides. We will have to wait another month to be sure.

1617019061 940 Huawei Harmony OS 20 will be unveiled on April 24

Source: ITHome (Chinese)

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