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Huawei Announces Augmented Reality Experience for Automobiles

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Huawei may be known for its smartphones, despite having experienced difficulties in recent times due to US restrictions, but the projects of this Chinese company are many and this new bet demonstrates that the manufacturer is not just mobile.

The manufacturer has just announced the Augmented Reality Head-Up Display (AR-HUD), an augmented reality screen for Smart cars, with the aim of offering security and infotainment functions, making the windshield like the new “ screen” of cars. It’s true that there are already some brands that offer similar functionality, but Huawei wants to offer more in this area.

The Huawei AR-HUD is a versatile and intelligent display that will be on many people’s wish list. It acts as an entertainment hub, but also provides important information and navigation aid for drivers at night or in foggy conditions.


In terms of features, keeping in mind that it is a small device with a high definition screen that makes the experience more immersive, the Huawei AR-HUD adapts to various contexts in addition to providing fun content; offers control panel content while allowing navigation in augmented reality (AR). In addition, this solution has safe power steering support and optimizes suggestions regarding driving at night, such as rain or snowfall.

AR Navigation – Ensure safe driving at all times

HUDs were first used in fighter planes to improve flight safety, and were later applied in the automotive industry. In this way, Huawei believes the new AR-HUD will offer a lot to drivers and the automotive industry. With a field of view of 13° x 5°, it allows a virtual image of 180cm and projected 7.5 meters from the driver.

The objective is to provide information without blocking vision, as well as assisted and safe driving. Thus, it allows the navigation information to be adjusted to the road surface and the various lanes. An example given by the brand is that at a three-lane intersection, the new system allows navigation suggestions, taking into account that it detects vehicles and dust in the vicinity, even in low light conditions, such as at night, fog and rain.

Infotainment on wheels


Huawei AR-HUD technology enables more than 100 PPD full-HD display and it offers a bright, high-contrast and distortion-free picture, so users enjoy an excellent video and audio experience on any car journey. In this way it will be possible to enjoy video, video calls and games, in addition to the possibility of a map on its top, with all the necessary information such as restaurants or gas stations.

According to Kevin Huang, President of Huawei’s General Optical Applications Product Line, the AR-HUD “will soon evolve to the next level, bringing greater definition and 3D to the naked eye to build a view never before achieved.” “Huawei will continue to invest in R&D in the field of optical technologies, to offer a wide range of applications for both the automotive and other sectors, thus empowering various industries with our state-of-the-art technology”, concluded Kevin Huang.

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