How to use FaceTime for Android

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How to use FaceTime for Android is something that many users of these phones are looking for, you no longer need to look for an alternative to FaceTime Android because it has become available to download on phones that use this operating system, but this command remains available only if you receive an invitation From a user of the IOS operating system such as the iPhone or iPad, below we provide a detailed explanation of the steps for using this application for Android.

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How to use FaceTime for Android 2
How to use FaceTime for Android

There are two ways to use the FaceTime application for Android users. The first method was provided by Apple itself, but it did not provide it except according to specific conditions that it set for use by Android devices, which are:

  • Use one of the supported browsers, for example Google Chrome.
  • Receiving an invitation from an Apple phone user.
  • The sender of the invitation must have at least iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 or higher.

The first steps of how to use FaceTime for Android include having a friend or relative invite you for a video call. To send the invitation, the user opens this application, i.e. FaceTime, and then clicks on Create Link, then shares the invitation with you through any of the available means such as Email or message, you will receive the link for the invitation, which usually takes the form ( ) .

The second method includes downloading a modified application compatible with Android devices, which is available for free, in the following lines we will elaborate on the two methods.

How to use FaceTime for Android

Accept Facetime Invitation for Android
How to use FaceTime for Android

The steps for using this program begin after the invitation reaches you. Open the invitation link in the Google Chrome browser on the phone or tablet, then type your name in the box that appears to you, then click Continue.

Then click on the “Join” option that you find in the moving bar at the top of the screen. Here, the iPhone or iPad user, any sender of the invitation, must accept your joining in a conversation.

As soon as the person accepts the invitation and enters the program, you will see the video call controls located at the top of the screen, these controls include the ability to enlarge the video, search all screen, mute or turn on the microphone and the ability to flip the camera, as well as hide the video, and other features.

Now you have a copy of the version of FaceTime in your browser, and you can chat as you want and then exit whenever you want by tapping the screen with your finger to show you the toolbar, then you click on the word Leave.

Although how to use FaceTime for Android is entirely via the browser but its quality is excellent, very close to the usefulness of FaceTime for iPhone.

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Download FaceTime for Android FaceTime

How to use FaceTime for Android 3
How to use FaceTime for Android

The second method for how to use FaceTime for Android is much easier, even if it is not officially available, as an apk version of the program has been provided, modified by specialists, so that it works well on Android devices, and this version cannot be downloaded through the official Google Store, so if If you want to download this version, press this link

The apk version of the program will be downloaded to a device, which means that it needs to be installed on your device after downloading it. By clicking on the downloaded file, a message will appear asking you if you want to download the program on your device, press install, and now you can use the program normally like Apple users.

We learned two ways to explain how to use FaceTime for Android. Choose the one that suits you best and apply the easy steps, and you will get the video calls you want with excellent quality.

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