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How to use audio in YouTube videos without copyright 2020 –

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YouTube is the most popular social site specializing in video sharing, where content creators provide videos to YouTube users, however YouTube contains very strict laws and conditions for the videos that are posted on the site, and when these videos are violated, the channel is punished by YouTube and the conditions for uploading videos on YouTube is not to use audio in YouTube videos without copyright. If someone publishes a video that contains an audio file or music that does not own its copyright, he may be punished by deleting the video, disabling the profit through this video, etc.

On the other hand, you can get audio clips to use in your videos without copyright, which means that you will not be punished if you use any of these audio in your videos, and you can get those clips through YouTube itself or through some other sources, and below we explain You that in detail.

What will happen when using YouTube audio with rights?

YouTube has a content tracking system that tracks how music that contains copyright is used on YouTube, and through this method, YouTube can detect any video clip that contains unauthorized sounds.

In this case, YouTube takes one of the actions against this video, and this could include the following:

  • YouTube mutes the video that contains copyrighted music, and the video remains available but without sound.
  • YouTube prevents this video from monetizing through ads.
  • In the worst case, YouTube may delete the video completely from the site and penalize the channel.

In general, if you upload a video to YouTube that contains a copyrighted audio clip, YouTube will send a warning to you about this matter, and the penalty for your channel depends on the owner of the original content.

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How to use audio in YouTube videos without copyright?

  • First, head over to YouTube And log in by entering your Google account information.
  • After that, click on the profile icon at the top and choose YouTube Studio.
  • Now, from the sidebar, click on “Library of audio files.”

How to use audio in YouTube videos without copyright 2020

  • Here you will see a list of many audio files that you can use in your videos without problems.
  • In front of you you will find different tabs which are the “Music” tab and the “Sound Effects” tab.
  • Through the Music tab, you can get many distinct and available music tracks.
  • You can also sort the tracks by categories, or search by entering a few words.
  • Also, through the Sound Effects tab, you can get free sounds available for use in videos on YouTube.
  • Click on any clip you want and you will notice the file information appear below it.

How to use audio in YouTube videos without copyright 2020

  • From the list above, click on the work rates and choose Must work proportions First Must work proportions.

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  • Now, you will be presented with a list of copyrighted music files that you can use without problems.
  • Click on the audio file you want to know its information and usage requirements.

1596924559 690 How to use audio in YouTube videos without copyright 2020

  • If you choose Work proportions, be sure to write the source in the description of the video so that your video will not be deleted, otherwise it is not required.

Another way to use audio in YouTube videos is without copyright

There is another way through which you can use the audio in YouTube videos without copyright, which is by communicating with the owner of the music file itself instead of uploading it through YouTube, however this method requires a much longer time as the communication with the studio or the owner of the original content It needs a long time, so you can use the previous method as it is considered better and faster.

Through these two methods, you can get free audio clips of your videos without worrying about deleting your video or channel, and you must always make sure not to use audio or video clips that contain copyright as this may harm your channel a lot and may lead to Close it completely.

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