How to test iPhone battery 2021

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How to test the iPhone battery is an important matter for all users of Apple’s iOS phones, as the battery is the most important part of the device and its safety means that your phone will continue to work for a long time without problems, and its charge will not end when you need it, in this We know the most recent ways to ensure the safety of your battery for old and new iPhone versions.

How to test iPhone battery بطارية

How to test iPhone 1 battery
How to test iPhone battery بطارية

The iOS operating system contains a lot of tools that are useful in knowing the battery life, in addition to the ability to view which applications installed on your device are consuming the most battery and quickly.

All of these previously mentioned tools do not include one of them that helps the user to know the health of the battery, there is a big difference between battery life and health, as battery life means the period in which you continue to work without having to recharge it again, while battery health means how long the battery life continues with the same Amount With length of use, the fact that the battery life does not decrease with time means that its health is still fine.

It can be annoying to suddenly discover that you have to charge your phone every short period, so testing the battery health is an important and necessary thing that helps the phone user a lot.

There are many more ways to verify these two metrics. We get to know them in detail in the following paragraphs.

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Method 1: Search in Settings

How to test iPhone 2 battery
How to test iPhone battery بطارية

This method to learn how to test the iPhone battery is available to users of the operating system IOS 11.3, i.e. owners of iPhone 6 or later, as in this version there is the ability to check the battery health through the settings.

Go to phone settings)), from there choose Battery, then Battery Health, a percentage will appear next to the maximum capacity, and this percentage will give you an idea of ​​the health of your iPhone battery, the higher the percentage On top of that, the battery is healthier.

Under the Maximum Capacity section, you’ll find Peak Performance Capacity, or the ability to run at maximum capacity, which is based on the highest capacity before it. If your battery is working fine, you’ll see your battery supports maximum normal performance (Your battery is currently Supporting normal peak performance), if the battery is not OK, you will see a message telling you this in return.

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Method 2: Request Apple Support من

How to test iPhone 3 battery
When to change the iPhone battery %

How to test the iPhone battery is possible by obtaining Apple support, and the good thing is that this matter can be done remotely, that is, you do not have to go with the device itself to the headquarters of the support center.

This is done by visiting the Apple Support site from here Then choose iPhone, a page will appear for you. Scroll it down until you reach the sentence (Ask a question to the Apple Support community), choose it, and then choose Start discussion)), and ask your question.

You can also through the same site choose to call us and send a message or chat the phone number, and what will usually happen is that the employee will ask you the serial number of your device and the iOS version and will do a battery diagnostic test for you, and tell you the result.

We learned how to test the iPhone battery in more than one way remotely without the need to resort to a maintenance specialist, and we also knew the difference between battery life and battery health, which are important things for every iPhone user to know in order not to be surprised by a bad condition of his battery without prior warning.

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