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How to Take TikTok Watermark in a Simple Way

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If TikTok’s videos today are a phenomenon, no one has any doubts about that. And that’s exactly why a lot of people like to download to have (or even to post elsewhere) the videos they found amazing.

In addition, the situation also happens that when people post a video on TikTok, it generates a very good result and they want to post it on another social network. However, a big problem appears in both cases: that TikTok logo in the corner, bothering.

To solve this problem, HitPaw brought an amazing application so that you can definitely get out of TikTok in a very simple way and without damaging the video. it is about the HitPaw Watermark Remover. An amazing application that can be used by anyone, even if they have little or no video editing knowledge, to remove tiktok watermark.

Your tools, as well as your step by step, will be shown in a very detailed way below, so that you can already draw TikTok watermark.

How to remove watermark from TikTok

With the following walkthrough, you can remove the watermark not only from TikTok videos, but from any other videos you have (just being careful to use these videos with caution).

Note, in the images below, how the result of a video with and without the watermark looks like:

Step 1: enter the website of HitPaw Watermark Remover and click “Get Free Now”.

Step 2: downloaded, install it and open the program

Step 3: in the initial part, there is a top menu with the options “remove watermark from video” and “remove watermark from image”. Select (or leave selected, as it is the default) the option “remove watermark from video”.

Step 4: go to “Select files” to send the TikTok video

Step 5: use the yellow selector (just click with the cursor and drag) to select the area of ​​the video that is the logo of TikTok.

A detail is that when you use the application for the first time, a small tutorial is shown so that you don’t have any doubts when carrying out the process.

Step 6: in the right corner, there are the 4 options you find to draw watermark from tiktok. More about each of these options will be explained below, but in advance, choose the option “filling stamps”, which is the most suitable for removing the watermark from the tiktok.

An observation in this step is that, if you want, you can also test the other options to see which one, in the video in question, fits the best. The same is true for the “dynamic” option (the star in the right corner).

Step 7: select the amount of removals you want to do (in the right corner menu), set the time you want the selector to be present and click the “play” icon to watch the video without the watermark and see if the result is expected.

If the result is not in agreement, just choose another option or make the necessary adjustments.

Step 8: with everything in order, go to “Remove & Export” and save the video wherever you want.

Want to improve even more? Edit videos without watermark

If you didn’t like the result of your TikTok video, you don’t need to search how to delete video on tiktok much less how to delete tiktok account. What you need to do is edit your video in the best way to make your views better.

And you can do this with the HitPaw Toolkit. A very simple application that has many features, such as cropping, joining or resizing your videos.

Using one program to remove the watermark and then another to edit the video seems like the perfect combination.

And to know more about the app to remove tiktok’s watermark, below is an explanatory guide that will show you what the functions of this amazing program are.

HitPaw Watermark Remover


The app that we show and teach you how to remove the watermark from tiktok is a very amazing program that has many features that make it different from other apps.

The features that this application uses to differentiate itself from other programs are as follows:

1 – Smooth filling

In this feature, the program uses the selected pixels to make a simpler filling, erasing the watermark in a smooth way.

2 – Gaussian Blur

Although the name is more difficult, the effect itself is quite simple. Just apply it with a dark colored background, and its intensity will be automatically adjusted. It uses Gaussian Blur as a resource to hide the watermark.

3 – Color Fill

In order to remove the watermark leaving the background as suitable as possible, this feature seeks to hide the watermark by replacing it with the background color present in the watermark location, thus making the image more faithful to the original. Recommended for videos where the watermark is present on single color backgrounds.

4 – Filling in Stamps

A more complex effect to explain, but simple to apply, stamp filling is one that uses the most intelligence to remove the watermark. It uses the technique of copying a part of the image to make the background where the watermark is present, making removal less noticeable as possible. It is recommended for videos where the watermark is present on backgrounds with more information, such as colors, objects, etc. Fundamental to remove tiktok watermark.

5 – Remove dynamic watermark

This is the biggest news from the latest program update. This feature has become one of the biggest differentials of this program. Basically, it works like a dynamic remover, which, used in conjunction with one of the other 4 features, manages to remove the watermark from videos in a very practical way. To use this feature, the user just needs to click on the star icon.

enjoy today

This app has an incredible offer that you can find on the website of HitPaw.

Its price is one of the best on the market, mainly because of its functions and the level of intelligence it uses to remove the watermark both from videos (it’s amazing to take a logo from TikTok) and from photos.

Don’t waste time and download yours now!

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