How to split screen in Windows 10

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You can easily divide the screen in Windows 10 into two halves or more, depending on the tasks that you carry out, as long as Microsoft has been a pioneer in that matter, and of course it is preferred if you have a large screen so that you can benefit from every inch of it optimally and now let’s learn how to implement the below command .

Split screen in Windows 10

Split the screen in Windows 10 into two halves

You can do this by dragging an open window to the left or right side, which makes the screen split into two identical halves by using the snap assist, as it allows you to drag a window to a corner or side of the screen to capture it, which in turn provides space for other applications to be captured in the empty screen space .

-Click on the start menu, then choose settings, then system, and then multitasking.

Open two Windows applications or open two windows, then place the mouse on an empty area at the top of one of the windows, hold down the left mouse button, and drag the window to the left side of the screen as much as you can.

Split screen in Windows 10

– After dragging half of the screen to the left side, the left half will be completely filled so that you have the right side an application or window and the left side another application or another window.

Split screen in Windows 10

You can now select any of the other windows that are now open on the right side.

Split screen in Windows 10

You will find a dividing line in the middle between both screens, drag it to the right or to the left to enlarge the size of the window, or if you need to see more of one of them, or you can adjust the two screens equally.

How to split screen in Windows 10 1

Split the screen in Windows 10 into more than two halves


With FancyZones, you can divide the screen into several sections, up to 4 or more, and you can work more freely while using many applications simultaneously.

Download the application for Windows 10 from here .

You can also get multiple screen divisions, but they are uneven in shape and you can design them yourself or depend on the partitions that were previously included in the application.

And if you have more than one display screen and want to apply custom regions to it, tap the blank area of ​​the screen once to focus on it and then press the Windows + `keys at the same time.

Split screen in Windows 10

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If you find Fancyzone complicated or exceeding your needs, you can rely on one of the great applications on the Microsoft Store below.

Multitasking Split Screen

It is one of the wonderful applications that is used to split the screen in Windows 10 easily and with simple steps. You can watch the video while browsing Facebook or Twitter, as well as watching YouTube while browsing at the same time.

Many in the business sector benefit from the application. If you include data in Sheet Excel from some PDF files, you may find that it is difficult to switch to the pages many times, but it is easy to find all the data in front of you in one screen, which helps in focus and mastery .

The application is available on the Microsoft Store and it is free You can download and install it on your computer or laptop from here .

Split screen in Windows 10

These were the best free applications used in splitting the screen in Windows 10 so that you can take advantage of every inch of your screen, but as we mentioned earlier, you must have a relatively large screen so that you can benefit well from these applications, but it is okay to use them also with Small screens.

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