How to solve the problem of incomplete purchase on iPhone

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It is considered very annoying when you try to buy an application, movie, or any in-app purchase, but suddenly a message appears saying that “your purchase cannot be completed”, which causes many users to become frustrated about the recurrence of this problem that appears when making any purchase And the emergence of a message saying to go for help and contact iTunes support.

There are a large number of reasons that make your iPhone notify you that the purchase process is not complete, such as a defect in your credit card, as it may not contain enough cash, and during the article we review how to solve the problem of incomplete purchase on the iPhone.

Why is your purchase not completed message?

Incorrect information may lead to the purchase process not being completed. When your account information does not match the credit card information, the purchase process will be stopped, so you must check whether the information is correct. You need to look at a recent bank statement or contact the bank to make sure that the data is identical.

The reason behind the purchase incomplete issue may be because your credit card has been blocked due to insufficient funds or information mismatch.

The reason may also be due to your Apple ID being linked to a large number of credit cards and the account is suspended, or perhaps you are trying to buy something that Apple does not allow in your country, as there are some applications or content that are prohibited in some countries.

Here’s how to solve the iPhone purchase process incomplete issue:

Ensure that your payment information matches

The information that you entered for the special Apple ID is what the application uses when collecting information about your card and to make sure whether you can make a purchase, and to verify whether your payment method is correct. Here are the simplified steps to make sure of that.

  • Head over to the Settings app on your iPhone.
The purchase process is incomplete
  • Click on the iTunes & Apple Store option.
The purchase process is incomplete
  • Click on the Apple ID option.
The purchase process is incomplete
  • Click on Show Apple ID Information.
How to solve the problem of incomplete purchase on iPhone 1
  • Log in to your Apple ID by using your password and your username.
How to solve the iPhone 2 purchase process incomplete issue
  • Clicking the payment information option and verify your details are correct and verify if the billing address is correct. After doing that, you can return back to the application and see if you can complete the purchase or not, and if the problem is still there, you must follow the next step.

Check for Restrictions

The iPhone device contains restrictions settings and this menu that shows what your phone can do and what you cannot do, and these restrictions are password protected so no person can enter those settings and change any of the settings as long as they do not have the password, and if there is an activation of the option not Allowing purchases is a reason why the purchases are not completed, and to be able to activate them, you must follow the following steps:

  • Open your settings app.
  • Click on General.
  • Go to the iTunes Stores option.
How to solve iPhone 3 purchase incomplete issue
  • Allow access to in-app purchases to activate, at which point you can try a purchase and see if you can now make payments.

Clear app cache

If you have taken the aforementioned steps and are still facing an incomplete purchase process, you can try wiping the app’s cache, the best way to overcome this problem is by wiping the cache or updating the app.

There is no direct way to clear Cache memory As is the case with Android devices, which means that clearing the cache will need you to delete every file or data that comes with the application, and you have to install the application again, and here are the steps:

  • Open your settings menu.
  • Click on General Settings.
  • Click on Storage & iCloud Usage.
  • Click on Storage, then click on Manage Storage.
  • Select an application.
  • Click on the option to enter documents and data.
  • Click on delete the application, then go to the application store to re-download it.
  • When you re-download the app you can go to the purchases and see if the issue is resolved.

If the problem of incomplete purchases is not resolved after following the aforementioned steps, you should contact Apple support either by e-mail or speaking with customer service through the chat or call option.

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