How to see 3D directions in Google Maps

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How to see 3D directions in Google Maps is important for those who use Google to determine the direction in which they should walk, as it is difficult for the phone to understand exactly which direction you are heading, so Google Maps provided a solution to this problem through an idea 3D directions that clearly show navigation trends in the world, which is what we use in this article.

How to see 3D directions in Google Maps

The 3D directions in Google Maps rely on augmented reality technology to show images of road directions in real as if you were photographing them through a camera.

This means that you will need a device that supports this feature, i.e. Augmented Reality (AR) either from Apple or Google, as the device must be certified by Google in order to use this feature on it.

Google certifies the device based on a number of factors such as camera quality, motion sensors, processor power, and build design, in order to ensure that the user has a good experience when using 3D directions.

Google’s full list of acceptable Augmented Reality (AR) devices can be found here. from here.

In addition to the supported mobile, you need to park in an area with roaming coverage, if you are in a place that does not have good network coverage, so you will not see the Live View option.

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How to see 3D directions while walking

How to see 3D directions in Google Maps 1
How to use Google Maps

First of all, open the Google Maps application on your device, regardless of its iOS or Android operating system, then specify the exact place you want to go to, and then click on the word “Directions”.

Then make sure of your weight. You choose the walking mode that appears in the image of a man moving at the top of the screen, then choose Live View from the bar at the bottom next to the word Directions.

How to see 3D directions in Google Maps 2
How to see 3D directions in Google Maps

Note that choosing Live View will appear in front of you only if walking mode is enabled in an area with good street visibility.

Since this is the first time to use this mode, Google will show you a number of messages that explain how to use it with the required permissions, such as permission to access the camera.

How to see 3D directions in Google Maps 3
How to see 3D directions in Google Maps

Now you can see Google Maps at the bottom of the screen in a circular section, and above it the real world is displayed, on top it will display road signs as well as roads, and you will find arrows that show you when you want to walk in a certain direction.

Use 3D directions while driving

When thinking about how to see 3D directions in Google Maps, you should know that this mode is not only available while walking, but Google provides other modes, which are:

  • driving mode (Driving)
  • bike driving mode (Bicycle)
  • transit mode (transit)
  • riding mode ( Ride)
  • Flight mode (Flight)

You can change the mode by choosing its image in the same way as choosing the walking mode and then following the previous steps to determine the 3D directions. You can also know the route taken by public transportation by selecting the white bar, although it should be noted that this feature is not available for all places on Google.

Together we knew how to see 3D directions in Google Maps, and although using these electronic maps while walking, it may seem confusing and annoying, but it is a convenient solution to not get lost in your way, yet you can still use other driving modes.

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